The Expansion of Entrepreneurship in American Business

More people are starting businesses and becoming wealthy in more ways than has ever been imaginable in all of human history. There are more opportunities and possibilities for you to achieve personal and business success, financial independence and wealth than ever before.

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Now is the Time to Start Your Own Business!

In 2006, 80 percent of millionaires in America were self-made millionaires. They started from nothing and made all of their money in one generation. They were entrepreneurs, people who started their own businesses and made them successful because they had great passion and a dream. Learn more about “The Way to Wealth” and starting your own business from my FREE report.

The Expansion of American Business

Why is entrepreneurship and American business expanding so fast? 70 percent of all new jobs are being created by small and mid size companies, many of them startups. More opportunities in American business are opening up for more people as entrepreneurs than ever before.

3 Reasons for the Expansion of Entrepreneurship

1) Incredible explosion and expansion of information and ideas of all kinds. It is estimated that total knowledge doubles every two or three years. Almost 500,000 new books and articles are published each year, on every subject imaginable.

2) Technology is expanding at an incredible rate as well. New products are pouring into the market each day, produced all over the world, each with a shelf life of no more than six months before it is made obsolete by another product.

3) Competition is more aggressive than ever before. Competitors, both nationally and internationally, determined to achieve sales success and profitability, are combining new information and technology into new products and services at a breathtaking rate. Here is a blog article about analyzing your competitors to gain a competitive advantage.

All three factors, information, technology, and competition are working together to accelerate the speed of change in American business and business throughout the world beyond anything we have ever imagined. If anything, the speed of change and the number of opportunities and possibilities are going to increase and become greater in the years ahead.

Take Action: Become One of the Self-Made Millionaires

What this means is that there are so many opportunities in American business for you today to take advantage of a country and a market that is growing! Entrepreneurship is the sparkplug in the engine of American business activity. You have what it takes to be incredibly successful.

For Memorial Day, let us remember the men and women who made all of these great opportunities for entrepreneurship and American business possible.

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  • Alisa Hill

    Great post. I am totally agree with you. America is the perfect destination for business expansion and rightly so. But the market I have seen, Africa is growing a lot, specifically East Africa. If you do your Business Expansion Into Africa then easily you will have profit.

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