Three Powerful Principles for Success

Be Clear About Your Goals

There are many similarities between business and war. In both cases, the victor is the one who uses superior strategy against his or her competition.

There are three principles of military strategy you can apply to your work every single day. The first idea from the military is called the Principle of Maneuver. The principle of maneuver says that you should be clear about the goal, but be flexible about the process of achieving it. According to the Menninger Institute, this quality of flexibility is the most important single quality that you will require for success in times of rapid change.

Be Open to Continuous Feedback A key peak performance quality for you is to "accept feedback and self-correct." Peak performers are those who can take information from their environment and even if the information is contrary to all of their planning, they can accept the information, modify their plans, and continue moving forward. They are always open to new ideas
and insights.

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Learn What You Need to Know The second military principle you can use is the Principle of Intelligence. This principle of intelligence means simply, "get the facts!"

The most important thing in business decision making is for you to get accurate information. Facts don’t lie. It is important that you get the real facts, not the assumed facts or the apparent facts or the obvious facts, or the hoped for facts, but the real, provable facts.

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Made Simple

Make Better Decisions
Perhaps the key job of the executive is decision making. The quality of the decisions
that you make will be in direct proportion to the amount of time that you take to
gather timely and accurate information. The very best thing that you can do, if
you have insufficient information, is to delay making a decision at all.

Invest Your Resources Wisely
The third military principle applied to strategic planning is the Principle of Economy
of Force. Economy of force means that you expend only the resources necessary to
achieve the objective and not more. It also means that you commit sufficient resources
to achieve the objective once you have decided upon it.
Since your own personal energy is all you really have to invest over the course
of your lifetime, the military principle of economy says that you should be very
selfish when deciding how you are going to use your self. Keep asking your self,
"How important is this?" and more important, "How important is this
to me?"

Action Exercises
Here are two ideas that you can apply immediately to be more strategic in your work
and personal life.

First, remain flexible when you are working towards your goal. In times of rap id
change, all of your best ideas can be contradicted by new information. Be willing
to try different things. Be open to new inputs and ideas.

Second, get the facts! The more and better information you can acquire before you
make a decision, the better your decision will be. The very best managers spend
a good amount of time getting the real, provable facts before they take action.

Rapid Learning Made Simple

Rapid Learning Made Simple

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