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Make it Happen! 3 Reasons Why Negative Thoughts are the Greatest Enemies to Your Success in Life

Personal Success | June 19th, 2012 | 10 Comments »

negative thoughts are the greatest enemies

I still remember the moment when I realized it was up to me to make it happen in order to achieve success in life. When I was twenty-one, I was broke and living in a small one-room apartment in the middle of a very cold winter working on a construction job during the day. In the evening I usually couldn’t afford to go out of my apartment, so I had a lot of time to think. Continue reading to learn how to make it happen and achieve success in life by getting rid of negative thoughts

Critical Success Factor: Developing a Moral Character to Achieve Greatness

Personal Success | June 1st, 2012 | 6 Comments »

developing moral to achieve greatness

No matter what you do, your ultimate goal, beyond what you are trying to accomplish at the moment, is to achieve your own happiness and become a good person. An individual can exercise a key success factor for developing a moral character to achieve the kind of happiness everyone longs for.

People are successful in life to the degree to which they can organize their world in such a way that they are genuinely happy. The only difference between people in this area is that some people are better at achieving their own happiness and others are not particularly successful. Some people make choices and decisions that make them unhappy and worse off than they ever would have been if they had done nothing at all. But always, happiness is your goal. Read the rest of this entry »

9 Success Factors for Personal Growth: Moving Forward to Achieve Your Best Life

Personal Success | May 21st, 2012 | 182 Comments »

success factors to moving forward

There are nine success factors that you must know in order to start moving forward in life.  Each one of these success factors has been proven to be critical in the achievement of the best life possible for any given person. By systematically implementing one or more of these success factors into your life, you can put your foot on the accelerator of your own career and achieve the best life for yourself. Read further to learn about the success factors for personal growth and moving forward

How to Persuade and Influence People to Achieve Personal Power

Personal Success | May 14th, 2012 | 17 Comments »

persuade people and achieve personal power

Your ability to persuade and influence people to help you get the things you want in life is one of the most important skills you can develop. By learning how to persuade and influence people, you can achieve greater personal power and get more of the things you want faster than anything else you do. It can mean the difference between success and failure. It can guarantee your progress and enable you to use all of your other skills and abilities at the very highest level. Learning how to persuade people will earn you the support and respect of your customers, bosses, co-workers, colleagues and friends. The ability to influence others to do what you want them to do can make you one of the most important people in your community. Continue reading to learn how to persuade and influence people for personal power

Effective Public Speaking: 3 Ways to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Personal Success | May 1st, 2012 | 18 Comments »

improve your public speaking

There are three components you must know in order to improve your presentation skills for better public speaking. When someone asks me how he can build effective communication skills and improve his public speaking, I quote to him the words of Elbert Hubbard, who said, “The only way to learn to speak is to speak and speak, and speak and speak, and speak and speak and speak.” Read more about how to improve your effective communication skills»



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