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The mark of the exceptional person is that he or she is determined to get the very most living out of life.  He or she is fully engaged.  The exceptional person, in Maslow’s words wants to “become everything he or she is capable of becoming.”

You may have a thousand different goals over the course of your lifetime, but they will all fall under one of four basic categories.  Everything you do is an attempt to enhance the quality of your life in one or more of these areas.

The first goal that you have in common with everyone else is your desire for happy relationships.  You want to love and be loved by other people.  You want to have a happy, harmonious home life.  You want to get along well with the people around you and you want to earn the respect of the people that you respect.

Your involvement in social and community affairs and activities is determined by your desire to have happy interactions with other people and to make a contribution to the society you live in.

The second goal you have in common with everyone else is your desire for interesting and challenging work.  You want to make a good living, of course, but more than that, you want to really enjoy what you do as an occupation or profession.  The very best times of your life are when you are completely absorbed by your work and your business activities.

The third goal you have in common with others is your desire for financial independence.  You want to be free from worries about money.  You want to have enough money in the bank so that you can make decisions without counting your pennies.

You want to achieve a certain financial estate so that you can retire in comfort and never have to be concerned about whether or not you have enough money to support your life style.

Financial independence frees you from poverty and a need to depend on others for your livelihood.  If you save and invest regularly throughout your working life, you will eventually reach the point where you will never have to work again.

The fourth, and final goal that you have in common with everyone else is your desire for good health, to be free of pain and illness and to have a continuous flow of energy and feelings of well being.  In fact, your health is so important to you, so central to your life, that you take it for granted until something happens to disrupt it.

The common denominator of these four common goals, and the essential requirement for achieving each of them, is high levels of energy.  To achieve even a small amount of success in any one of these areas requires the development and expenditure of energy.

It is the critical fuel and the one ingredient without which no other accomplishment is possible.  For example, the aim or purpose of strategic planning for corporations is to find ways to organize the business to increase R.O.E., or return on equity.

Return on equity refers to increasing the return on the capital invested in the enterprise.  By shifting resources from areas of lower value to areas of higher potential value, the return on the cash invested in the business can be increased.

In personal strategic planning, the aim is similar.  It is to increase R.O.E., but in this case, R.O.E. stands for return on energy.  All the work on personal development, self-improvement, goal-setting and time management is all aimed at enabling you to increase your return on energy, or as my friend Ken Blanchard calls it, “your return on life.”

You are continually organizing and reorganizing your time and your resources so that you can get the very most pleasure, satisfaction and rewards from the time and energy you put in on a day-to-day basis.

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    Dear Brian Tracy,
    it is a fact that you are famouse all over the world. I have read your books and your thoughts are very close to me. It is really very important to set goals, plan and act. Great mission to motivate people. Give some chance to be meaningful… Headway . Thank you for this secret !

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    i recently read ur book goals and it has truely inspired me. ur blog is also informative

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