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Here are two clips from Day Two of my Total Business Mastery Seminar!

Clip #1: The 4 Principles of Marketing Strategy

Clip #2: Business Numbers to Watch

Here are two clips from Day One of my Total Business Mastery Seminar!

Clip #1: Becoming a Great Leader

a. Leadership is the most important factor for business success
b. Leadership is the ability to get results
c. Leaders have a clear vision of the future
d. Leaders have the courage to take action with no guarantee of success
e. Leadership is action, not position
f. When you act like a leader, you become one
g. All leadership skills are learnable with practice

7 Responsibilities of Leadership
1. Set and achieve business goals
2. Market and innovate — continually seek faster, better, cheaper, easier ways to create and keep customers
3. Set priorities and work on key tasks
4. Focus and concentrate where superior results are possible
5. Solve problems and make decisions
6. Lead by example, be a role model, ask: “What kind of a business would my business be, if everyone in it was just like me?”
7. Perform and get results, always ask: “What results are expected of me?”

Clip #2: The Four Keys to Business Success

1. Clarify

  • Develop absolute clarity about who you are, what you want, and the best way to achieve it

2. Simplify

  • Delegate, outsource and eliminate all low value, no value tasks and activities in your life

3. Maximize

  • Determine your special talents, abilities and strengths and focus on developing them to a higher level

4. Multiply

  • Leverage yourself and your business with other people’s customers, knowledge, abilities, efforts, money and resources

I hope you enjoyed these clips from my Total Business Mastery Seminar, check back here throughout the weekend for more live footage. Would you like to view all of yesterday’s sessions and get live online access to the rest of this weekend’s Total Business Mastery seminar ? Now you can! Click the button below to get complete virtual access!

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    Hi Brian,

    Sensational tips all around.

    “Leadership is action, not position.” Excellent. Leaders lead. Leaders don’t act accordingly to a title, or some label placed upon them. Leaders become leaders through persistent, specific acts which make them leaders.

    The more you engage in leadership acts the more you become known as a leader. You must see yourself as a leader, act like a leader, and other people will see you as a leader.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  • Monika

    Thanks Brian – I am so glaad to know you Monika

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