3 Key Leadership Styles That Create Personal Success

How to get better results from yourself and others.

The leader of an enterprise has three basic functions, all of which are important. Sometimes one function is more important than another, but all are essential to success in the different leadership styles. These three functions are: productively improvement, customer service, and profitability and cost control. You must become capable of each of those functions in managing yourself so that you achieve the highest possible payoff.

Productivity improvement means constantly increasing output and quality control while maintaining the costs of input or even reducing them. You must continually manage yourself to produce more, faster, cheaper and better than you have before. To increase your productivity, you must think every day about the things that you can do to increase your value, to increase your ability to earn money by producing more and better goods and services for yourself and for your company.

Leverage Your Different Leadership Styles

One way to increase your productivity is to leverage your different leadership styles and work on more important things. Another way to increase your productivity is to get better at your key tasks. You can increase your productivity by working longer hours or by working harder during normal business hours. You can increase your productivity by becoming an expert at time management and by always asking yourself the powerful question, “What can I do to increase the value of my service to my company today?”


Remember, you’re being paid today exactly what you’re worth not a penny more, not a penny less. If you want to earn more tomorrow, you must increase the value of your output. There is no other way.

Focus On Customer Service and Quality Control

The second leadership task is customer service. There’s a lot of talk today about total quality control. However, in its simplest terms, total quality control means finding out what the customer wants and then giving it to him or her. In managing your different leadership styles, you must be very clear about who your customers are. What do they need from you in order to be satisfied? Also, what does your spouse require from you? What do your children require? This is all part of your personal success.

At work, what are your boss’s top priorities? One of the main reasons you’re on the payroll is to please your boss by helping him or her to fulfill his or her responsibilities. The clearer you are about what you need to do to make your boss happy, the more successful you’ll be.

Increase Your Profitability and Personal Success

The third leadership task is profitability. That means increasing revenues while keeping costs constant or decreasing costs while keeping revenues constant. Your job at work is to help your company be more profitable, to contribute far more than your company pays you in salary or commission.

Personally, profitability means that you spend less than you earn, that you make a profit from your work. It means that you live within your means and save part of everything you earn. Perhaps the most important part of leadership-styles is financial management for personal success. This means that you are 100 percent responsible for achieving your financial independence. And this is possible only by saving and investing part of your income every single paycheck.

3 Steps to Improve Your Leadership Skills Immediately

First, look for ways to increase your productivity by working smarter and more efficiently each day. Continually increase your personal value.

Second, focus your attention on satisfying your most important customers, especially your boss. This is the key to advancement.

Third, look for ways to reduce costs and increase profitability, both for your personal success and your company. Save your money regularly.

Thank you for reading this article on the three key leadership styles that create personal success and by ensuring excellent customer service and quality control to achieve ultimate success.

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  • http://www.theisleofpeace.com deborah

    Knowing what your customers want also means knowing what you, as a person, need. Mostly depends on your niche. You have to put yourself in their shoes. And this is also valid for your relationship with your boss. He’s responsible for the entire team so it’s important to share his view and understand what for him is important. There might be something to learn.
    The basis of all this is to commit yourself to create products of great value.
    Excellent relationships, excellent products, excellent results.

  • http://faithpresley.com Faith Presley

    So, a good rule of thumb is to keep the boss happy. I’m going to file that away for those days when I need some perspective. Thanks for the post.

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