How to Hire Great People and Encourage High Self Esteem

The core of the self concept is the individual’s level of self-esteem- how much a person likes himself or herself. The key to building a great organization and hiring great people is to create a high self esteem environment. You do this by removing the fears of failure and rejection that inhibit maximum performance. As W. Edward Deming said, “Drive out fear.”

The executive who can create a positive, high-energy, high self esteem workplace will have high performance, low absenteeism, low turnover, higher productivity and fewer mistakes.

Great People Defined

Before you can attract and keep great people throughout your business, you need a clear idea of what a “great person” looks like, and how they work. There is general agreement that great people have certain characteristics in common.

Since the critical measure of success in any business is the ability to get results, a great person is one who is excellent at his work. He gets the job done quickly and well, consistently and at high levels of quality.

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Great people have a positive mental attitude. They are pleasant and cheerful most of the time. They like other people and other people like them right back. The good news is that, the higher a person’s self esteem, the more they like themselves. The more they like themselves, the more they genuinely like others. This is why high self esteem and self concept is closely correlated with success in every field involving the need to have a positive influence on others, especially sales.

High Self Esteem Indicates A Healthy Business

The best barometer of the health of a business is simple. It is the degree to which people laugh in their work with each other, and throughout the course of the day. In high performance organizations, there is a lot of laughter. People joke with each other, smile a lot and feel happy about themselves and the work. The first thing you notice when you go into a great company is the amount of humor and goodwill expressed by everybody.

Great people are good team players. They work well with other people and do everything possible to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the team. As good team players, they help each other to perform well, giving support and guidance whenever necessary. They like and respect other members of the team and are more concerned with what’s right rather than who is right.

Great people are intensely result-oriented. They focus on contribution, on doing those things that make a real difference to their company. Because they are result-oriented, they set priorities and use their time well. They focus on key tasks.

Great people accept high levels of responsibility for the outcomes required of them. Because of this, they largely manage themselves. They don’t require close supervision.

Great people consider the company a great place to work. They see themselves as a family. They treat the company as if it belonged to them personally, and they treat their jobs as important responsibilities. They socialize with each other outside of work.

Building a Great Company and Self Concept

Fully 95% of your success as an executive or a business owner resides in your ability to select the right people in the first place. In your work, you always have two choices. You can either do it yourself personally, or you can get someone else to do it. Your ability to choose the “someone else” is a true measure of your competence as an executive in the first place.

Take your time in hiring. One of the best ways to do this is to apply the “Law of Three.” This is one of the most important principles you will ever learn and apply in selecting people throughout your career. There are several applications of the Law of Three. First, always interview at least three people for a position. Even if you like the first person, and feel that he or she is suitable, discipline yourself to interview at least two others. Many large companies will not hire a person until they have interviewed ten or fifteen candidates for the spot. The more people you interview, the better sense you will have for what is available. The more people you interview, the greater the selection of choices you will have, and the more likely it is that you will make the right choice.

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