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Relationship Selling for Sales Success: 3 Keys to Building Customer Loyalty


The success of a business or a sales career depends on relationships selling and customer loyalty. In today’s competitive market, customers are very difficult and expensive to acquire and they can represent tremendous value to an organization.  In fact, customer satisfaction can be the most valuable single asset that a company can acquire during its lifetime. Your job, no matter where you are in the private sector, is to help your company attract, acquire and keep customers indefinitely.  They make all the difference between success and failure…. Read more

Two Market Research Techniques for New Business Success


How do you do fast, cheap market research? How do you find out whether or not the product or service will sell before you get into it? Before embarking on any new business venture, considerable time must be spent in research. Your payoff will be in excess of ten to one in time and money saved or earned. For every dollar, for every hour that you put into research, you’re going to save ten or twenty or thirty dollars or hours later on. Here’s what you can do to ensure business success:… Read more

8 Task Management Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done


Because procrastination is such a major concern of so many people, tips to help people stop procrastinating have been developed over the years. Here are eight of the most powerful task management tips ever devised to help you get things done and stop procrastinating in your work and personal life. Think about which one of these ideas could be most helpful to you right now, in your current situation…. Read more

Jennie Brown: 30-Day Goals Challenge Winner

Jennie Brown

When I first read about the Brian Tracy 30 Day Goal Challenge I was excited … and challenged.  This was a huge opportunity, and I wanted to make sure that I made the most of it.

My first goal was to win the Challenge!  Because, really, honestly, that’s what I want to do!  That’s my goal!

However, I spend several days deliberating on what goal I could put forth.

I ask myself is, “What goal is the most important to me right now, and will have the biggest effect on my life if I achieve it within 30 days?”… Read more

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