Survey Results: Why Do You Want to Write a Book? [Infographic]

Last month we asked you about your reasons for wanting to write a book, and we received over 1,000 responses. Now we’re sharing those results with you.

Original blog post: [Survey] Do You Want to Write a Book?

We asked: Why Do You Want to Write a Book?

When we asked this question over 54% of people said that, “I have a message, mission or experience that I want to share so others can be inspired.”

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How to Write a Book: Finding Your Book Topic

When you begin to write your book, find a topic that you are passionate about. Write about something to help inspire others. What is your mission? Start with a message, idea, or story that you really want to share with other people. This must be something for which you have a passion, something that you believe in.

One of the best definitions of a writer is: “A person who cannot not write.” An easy way to start your flow of ideas is to ask yourself what you have a passion for. What knowledge, expertise or believe do you have that could benefit the lives of others? By asking yourself these questions before you start the actual writing process, you can trigger a great idea that can help you single out a subject.

We asked: What is the Main Reason Holding You Back From Writing a Book?

When asked this question, 40% of people surveyed stated, “I don’t know where to start.”

How to Start Writing Your Book

Once you find a topic that you are passionate about, make a list of 20 thoughts, ideas, stories, methods, techniques and insights that you could include in your book. Then begin to develop these thoughts. This list becomes a basic outline of your plan to write a book.

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