7 Factors of Luck, Part 3 of 3

Luck Factor #5: Personality

Personality is a key luck factor. The more positive, optimistic and cheerful you are, the more people will want to be around you and help you in any way possible. Lucky people also tend to be happy, positive people. They get along with others and they have wide networks of friends and contacts in a variety of different areas.

The more people you know, and who know you in a positive way, the more likely it is that you will know the right person at the right time to open the right door to the right opportunity.

You will find that almost every incident of luck in your life seems to be accompanied by a person who is standing there at the moment, with either a piece of advice, or with a hand on an open door. Many people’s entire lives have been changed by a casual comment or by a friendly acquaintance who has given them a key piece of information or an opportunity that has enabled the lucky person to make more progress in a couple of years than many people make in a lifetime.

The word most commonly used to describe successful people is the word “nice.” When you develop a reputation for being a “nice” person, people will want to help you. And the key to being a nice person is to practice the golden rule. Treat other people the way you would like them to treat you.

You can even practice Tony Alessandra’s Platinum Rule, “Treat other people the way they would most like to be treated.” In every case, a positive person activates the Law of Attraction and draws people and circumstances into his or her life in harmony with his or her best interests. The more likable you become, the more luck you will experience.

Luck Factor #6: Honesty

Honesty is another key luck factor. In the final analysis, people only want to do business with people that they like and trust. Honesty and integrity are the most required and most respected qualities in both friendship and leadership. The people that you like and trust the most in your life are the most important people that you know.

Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true, and then it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.”

Being true to yourself is the very essence of personal integrity. This means that you always tell yourself the truth. You live in truth and you deal with the world as it is, not as you wish it were. You practice absolute honesty and deal with reality in a straight forward way. You see yourself as you really are, and your situation as it really is. You never try to fool yourself. And you never try to fool others.

The essence of integrity is truthfulness. This means to live in truth with yourself and then to live in truth with others, under all circumstances, no matter what the temptation might be to do otherwise. Truthfulness is both rare and extremely valuable as a human quality.

When you resolve to be impeccably honest with yourself and others, you put yourself into a group apart from the ordinary. You establish a foundation of high character that will open doors for you and keep those doors open, no matter what happens in the short term. Honesty and integrity are the absolute requirements for success in business at any level, in any industry.

When you become known as a person of honor, of quality, of truth, you will attract luck into your life the way that honey attracts bees, or the way that the moth is attracted to the flame.

Luck Factor #7: Intensity

The seventh luck factor in this session is intensity. Perhaps the most obviously identifiable quality of a highly successful person is, “Intensity of purpose.”

Always, the person who wants something longer and harder than the other is the one who will eventually win out in a competitive world. The more you want something, the more likely it is that you will learn what you need to learn and do what you need to do to achieve it. You will work longer hours and try more different things. You will read more books, listen to more tapes, and attend more different courses. You will meet more people and cover more ground. You will dramatically increase the probabilities of being the right person in the right place at the right time.

And when you back your intensity of purpose with the quality of persistence, you become like an irresistible force of nature. The fact is that, if you are absolutely clear about what you want and you engage in a high level of activity to achieve it, you will experience more luck than the average person. When you make a conscious decision to master your field and back it with high levels of energy and enthusiasm, you will move ahead further and faster than anyone around you. When you become a positive, cheerful person, who is known for your high character and integrity, you will put yourself on the side of the angels.

And when you back every desire and goal with unshakable confidence and persistence, and keep on keeping on, no matter what the adversity, you will turn out to be one of the luckiest people alive. And as a result, your future will be unlimited.

I hope you enjoyed “The 7 Factors of Luck.” Best wishes on becoming the luckiest person alive!

Brian Tracy

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    Great blog, Brian! I especially appreciate factor #6, honesty, and your words about being true to yourself. I named my company Be True to Yourself because I believe that is the key to success and happiness for all of us. It is unfortunate that some misguided people think “be true to yourself” means “do whatever you feel like doing without worrying about hurting other people,” because ultimately they hurt themselves and others. Discovering your true values and passions, and living an authentic life based on them, inevitably inspires you to want to help others do the same, which makes the world a better place.

    Thanks for inspiring so many people to reach for true greatness; I hope to do the same with my blog, newsletter, coaching, and workshops!

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