Stop Missing Out on Sales By Using These Closing Techniques

Sales are everything! Are you missing out on making sales because you are not doing the right things? No matter how great your customer service is, nothing in business happens until a sale takes place. Without sales, a business would not exist.

When you discover how to be successful in sales, it will lead to better business and more money. These are some key sales techniques to successfully closing a sale.

Products and Services are Sold, Not Bought.

Never assume that just because your product is great that people will buy it. No matter how good a product or service may be, in a competitive market and with customers who are busy and preoccupied with many other things, products and services must ultimately be sold. Someone has to sell them and decide how to be successful in doing so. Without proper marketing, your product will not sell itself. Your sales techniques are therefore essential for the survival and success of any business.

Customer Service: Customers Need to be Asked to Buy

Have you ever felt buyers remorse? The feeling that the product or service you may have bought isn’t right for you? Have you ever hesitated to purchase something? We all have. No matter how much a customer likes your customer service or your product there is always a certain amount of indecision or hesitation at the point of buying.

This indecision can stop the sale if you don’t handle it effectively. The job of the professional salesperson is to use their sales techniques to help the customer through this difficult moment and into the buying decision. This ability to get the customer to take action is vital to the entire sales process.

Key Sales Techniques to Closing the Sale

“Eighty percent of sales are closed after the fifth call or after the fifth closing attempt.”

If you are trying to sell a high value item or service, often times, more than one meeting is required with a client to make a sale. Most buying decisions are made after the fifth meeting or interaction with the customer. Don’t give up! Most sales are closed after the fifth time that the salesperson asks a customer to make a buying decision. These sales techniques are therefore essential that the salesperson plans the closing part of the sales conversation in advance and is prepared to ask for the order in a variety of different ways.

Ask For the Sale, Then Ask Again

“Fifty percent of salespeople fail to ask for the order even once in a sale.”

Are you asking your customers to buy your product? No matter how great your customer service is, you must ask the customer to buy what you are selling. When selling high value items or services you must ask the customer to buy on average of five times in a sales conversation. Ask the customer to buy just one more time and your results will be immediate!

Thank you for reading my blog on sales techniques. I hope you have learned a little about how to be successful in closing a sale. Always remember that it is up to you as the salesperson to ask for the sale. If you never ask, it will not happen. To learn more about closing sales techniques, download my FREE e-book, “24 Effective Closing Techniques” HERE.

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