3 Helpful Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Program Your Subconscious Mind

The fact is that everyone procrastinates. Everyone has too much to do and too little time. What can you do to stop procrastinating?

There are a series of techniques that you can use to overcome or at least manage wasting time. In fact, there are libraries full of books, one or two of them written by myself, on the subject of overcoming procrastination.

But, here are some good ideas to get started.

1) Stop Procrastinating by Programming Your Subconscious Mind

Perhaps the most powerful words you can use to increase your productivity are the words; “Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!”

Whenever you find yourself procrastinating on an important task, repeat to yourself, with energy and enthusiasm, the words, “Do it now! Do it now! Do it now!”

The amazing discovery is that after you have repeated these words 10, 20, or even 100 times, you will find yourself programming your subconscious mind into starting on your most important task and completing that job before you do anything else.

Throughout the day, when you are distracted by people, emails, telephone calls and other factors, and you find yourself drifting away from your most important tasks, take control of yourself by repeating the words, “Back to work! Back to work! Back to work!”

2) Stop Procrastinating Using Task Management and Breaking into Small Parts

Any big task that you have to complete can be completed if you break it down into enough small parts using task management.

One of the best techniques of all is to divide your task into what are called “bite-sized pieces.” Take a piece of paper and write down every small part of the task that you have to do, in sequence, from the first little job to the final job that completes the task.

Then, discipline yourself to do “number one” on your list. Sometimes, the decision to take action on the first step on a large task impels you into the task and makes it easier for you to do the next step, and the next step and the next step as well.

Sometimes just forcing yourself to start on a major task will enable you to develop the momentum and energy necessary to work right through until the task is complete.

3) Stop Procrastinating Using The Salami Slice Method

Another method to help increase productivity stop procrastinating is called the “salami slice method.”

This is similar to the method above. Just as you would not try to eat a loaf of salami in one bite, you do not try to do a large task in one time period. Instead, you “salami-slice” the task by breaking it down into small parts. You then resolve to complete one small part at this time, before you go on to something else.

Each time you sit down to your major task, especially if you are overwhelmed with other pressing responsibilities, you resolve to complete one part of the task at a time. Often this strategy will get you started on the project and make it easier to complete parts two, three, four, and so on.


Everyone procrastinates a little bit, but when you program your subconscious mind to stop procrastinating and break up your tasks you will be able to get much more done during your day.

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  • http://coach-brand.com Kathrin

    Hi Brian! I have read your book “Eat That Frog!” a couple of years ago and still refer to it every day. It really shifted my perspective on getting things done…. so thank you!!

  • Nigel Munanzvi

    brian tracy you are good, you have changed my life

  • http://modirezaman.com Ali

    Thank you! Helped me a lot

  • Chu Nam

    Yes, I agree with important things is focus on work with our mind. And this problem happen with people every time and usually.
    With my experience I also own and want to share how I fix with myself: One Thing I remind myself and stop my procrastination with things very important to my life is: If I don’t do this right now, I don’t have more time to do it and make my life better because everything can change, opportunity can change, my gift can not be long with me, my support can not easy for me like before, my condition to work and follow my dream will be hard if something change, some condition change… And every success also need discipline and commitment to do things that need to do for success.

    Thank you!

  • Prasanth

    Hi Brian Tracy-Very Nice Tips, I watched many of your videos and are very helpful.

  • Andrew Spence

    Great article and useful tips!

    I really like the salami method (nice name!) It’s true that often some tasks are just not suited to do in one sitting, or if they are it can be really tiresome to do so. Breaking down and revisiting is a great approach as it become more manageable. I always find that doing different tasks throughout the day in smaller bits allows for more creativity and better overall productivity.

    Thanks for sharing this, will tweet it.

    • Brian Tracy


      I agree, some tasks are just too large to complete all at once. It is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about it all at once, but when you break it up it can make it so much more manageable.

      To YOUR Success!

  • nick

    Great advice to beat procrastination. Thanks Brian for your great tips. You have changed the way i execute tasks. I now follow a checklist and get the job done in time.

    • Brian Tracy


      It’s great to follow a checklist. When you write your tasks down it makes it much easier to see what is actually important and what you can get done during your day.

      Thanks for sharing!

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