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Cut & Paste Website Legal Pages

Cut & Paste Website Legal Pages

Evaluate your website for FREE and your complimentary website legal document NOW!

Cut & Paste Website Legal Pages

Google overhauled its Privacy Policies right before the Federal Trade Commission imposed recent new requirements.


Or did Google spend big bucks on attorneys to keep them
out of hot water for good reason?

If you don't have hoards of cash for airtight legal drafting,
Brian Tracy has arranged the perfect answer.

But, let's first use the following Website Grader to test your capacity to navigate legal landmines & objectively assess your ability to gauge the quality of your website legal pages (if any):

  1. “When you visit our website, the IP address used to access our website will be stored, as will the date and time of your visit.”
  2. “We used an email confirmation process that employs a double opt-in procedure to protect you.”
  3. “While none of your individual personal information is used in isolation, aggregate data from our website statistics may be used for marketing purposes.”
  4. “In accordance with our terms of service, minors under the age of 18 are not allowed to use our website without parental consent.”
  5. “We make every reasonable effort to make sure our affiliates comply with our policies and represent our products and services appropriately.”

If you found the fatal flaws in each of those 5 statements, congratulations! You can stop reading. I probably cannot help you & don't want to waste your time.

If, on the other hand, you read through those 5 statements and your "worry meter" didn't sound an alarm, we need to talk.

Those are 5 legally-lethal sentences I found on live, real-world websites.

Your website is likely no different.

Check out the Cut & Paste solution that has my customers actually taking the time to THANK the person who shared it with them:

"Thank you for the link to the lawyer with the legal forms. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I've been scouring the net looking for proper forms for my sites to keep me out of trouble with the internet police. I purchased his forms package and it was just what I expected from a true lawyer. The forms are very in depth as you know and make everything else we have been using up to this point look like a 3rd graders homework... incomplete. My thanks for something from this marketing jungle that is of true importance to my business. Keep up the good work."

TODAY you can have as a gift what others have gladly paid for.

For your FREE Website Legal document (which you should put on your website BEFORE you go to bed), and to learn about the NEW Commercial Email Protection, CLICK HERE


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