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Attention: Entrepreneurs And Professionals Who Are Passionate About Spreading Their Message, Creating A Lasting Impact And Making More Money Through Speaking And Communicating Effectively

Free Worksheet: The Five Minute Speech Formula

How to create your speech outline in 5 minutes

  • The PREP Formula - quickest & easiest way to organize your ideas
  • 4 simple tricks to effectively introduce, explain, prove, and reiterate your key talking points
  • Instant access to the speech creation planner - you can use this over and over to create any speech you desire

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Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy

Your ability to communicate effectively will account for 85% of your success in business and in life. Whether you're a Speaker, Executive, Manager, Business Owner, Educator or Salesperson, increasing your speaking skills will elevate your career and open new doors for you.

In this 3-day, hands-on workshop, I will teach you how to be more persuasive and influential with any audience, increase your self-confidence, and share your special talents with others. This is a live event limited to 12 people with me personally.

Chalene Johnson

“There are many public speaking courses you can take. The best, the one that changed my life, was Brian Tracy’s course. It’s an amazing opportunity that you really should take advantage of.”

Chalene Johnson, Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker
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