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The 5 Minute Speech Formula

This is the formula I’ve used for years to create my speeches in just 5 minutes (Yes, literally 5 minutes)

  • My “P-R-E-P” Formula - Organize your ideas in minutes instead of days or weeks and conquer your fear of the dreaded “blank page syndrome”
  • Powerfully communicate your core message to your audience in a way that has perched up in
  • 4 Powerful but simple strategies to communicate your message with authority and tightly hold the attention of your audience
  • BONUS: Free access to my Speech Creation Planner that saves you even more time. This will be your go to road-map for every speech you create.

I’ve professionally spoken to over 5 million people and this is the exact formula that I’ve used to outline every speech I’ve ever given.
It works for me, and it will work for you, too.

Brian Tracy

Brian TracyCEO of Brian Tracy International


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