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Meet the Brian Tracy Team

Brian Tracy

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Tracy is the Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Brian is a Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker who has helped over 5 million people achieve their goals. His goal is to help you achieve your personal and business goals faster and easier than you ever imagined.



A Calabasas, CA native, and UCSD graduate, Eric, a serial entrepreneur, has successfully overseen all of Brian's non-speaking operations (Website and other projects) for the last 8 years.

“My favorite program is Brian's Universal Laws of Success. I find it so amazing how Brian is able to take all of these success principles and create laws around them- 15 years after listening to this program, I am still sharing these laws with my friends and loved ones.”


Chief Technical Officer

A Southern California native and a Computer Science graduate of San Diego State University, Rob manages all technological aspects for Brian Tracy.

“My favorite program is The Psychology of Selling - Most people don't realize that everyone... and I mean everyone, is involved in selling. And this program will help you sell yourself and start making more money immediately.”


Chief Marketing Officer

A San Diego native and Marketing graduate of San Diego State University, Chelsea oversees all marketing-related tasks including: promotional projects, strategic planning, and brand development.

“My favorite program is the 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance - this program truly is the best of Brian Tracy!”


Program Manager

A Southern California native and University of California-San Diego graduate, Michelle has been on the Brian Tracy team for over 10 years. She handles booking Brian's live speaking engagements as well as all inventory management within the company.

Success Mastery Academy is my favorite program because it discusses ALL of the key points that lead to a successful and enriched personal and professional life.”


Content Manager

A California native and Business Marketing graduate of Fresno State University, Ryan manages the blog and content strategy of the website.

The Power of Personal Achievement is my favorite Brian Tracy program. It has given me the skills, and confidence to step out of my comfort zone, achieve my biggest goals and that anything is possible!”


Art Director

A San Diego Native and a San Diego State University graduate, Camille is involved with the design and production of BTI programs and has been a part of the Brian Tracy Team since 1991.

“My all-time favorite program is the Psychology of Achievement. The information in this program is timeless and can be applied to all areas of one's life.”


Senior UI/UX Designer

A San Diego native and Graphic Design graduate of San Diego State University, Kyle oversees all design related tasks including website design, branding, social media content, and optimized conversion designs.

“I believe Brian Tracy's EAT THAT FROG is a timeless approach when handling day-to-day tasks as it forces you to take that step in the right direction in order to succeed.”


UI/UX Designer

Born and raised on the island of Oahu and a Graphic Design graduate of San Diego State University, Piper is a team player with a positive attitude that is infectious throughout the office. She assists with web design and graphic design for Brian Tracy’s products.

Maximum Productivity is my favorite Brian Tracy Program because it has helped with my professional and personal goals.


Digital Media Buyer

A Northern California native and San Diego State University Advertising graduate, Gina manages all paid marketing campaigns.

“My favorite program is 6-Figure Speaker. Brian shows how anyone can become a successful speaker, regardless of any fears!”


Social Media Coordinator

A San Diego native and California State University San Marcos Marketing graduate, Bridget designs and implements fun and engaging content across all social media platforms.

The Science of Self-Confidence is my favorite Brian Tracy program because, as Brian says, self-confidence is truly the foundation of all great success and achievement.”


Community & Partnership Coordinator

A San Diego native and a California State University San Marcos Sociology graduate, Allyson manages all of Brian’s online communities along with coordinating Brian’s affiliate marketing, press, and events.

It’s hard for Allyson to choose a favorite Brian Tracy program, but if she had to choose it would be his live Speaking Academy event. There is nothing like spending a full 3 days with Brian himself learning from his experiences and absorbing his lifetime of expertise.


CRO/SEO Strategist

A San Diego native and graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Erik optimizes user experiences to ensure every visit to Brian’s website is easy, enjoyable and a valuable use of your time.

"Doubling Your Productivity is my favorite training program - it made me rethink and re-optimize my entire approach to life!"


Video Production Manager

A San Diego native and Film & Media Graduate of University California Irvine, Aaron has worked with Brian for more than 5 years helping to produce many of the video programs and promos you'll find here on the site.

"My favorite Brian Tracy program is Maximum Productivity because learning time management is absolutely essential to compete during this day and age."


Web Developer

Originally from Norway, moved to the US in 2014 and with a degree from Dublin he brings a lot of creativity and passion to the team. As part of the tech team Eirik is responsible for a lot of stuff ranging from the Brian Tracy websites to the Email servers that insures you receive all your Brian Tracy content.

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