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What People Are Saying About Brian Tracy

"WOW! What an amazing, timeless life coach! Brian Tracy was a breath of fresh air, a kick in the butt, a reality check, a shot in the arm and a huge blessing! He oozes with discipline and laser-sharp focus!"

Anne Marie and Barrie Crake, Real Estate Brokers, Carlsbad, CA

"Even the best techniques, in the best of hands, tend to get a little stale over years of use. Breathing new life into ageless concepts is an art, one that you have truly mastered."

Neil Appel, Director of Sales, Vector Security, Inc.

“Your power of motivation has helped us to form our personalities and given us strength to accomplish and DO anything we want. You say to be like the people that you want to be like, do the things that they do. Well you are on our imaginary team. We imagine consulting you before every matter, and I have learned more from your videos and books than I ever learned in school or anywhere else for that matter.”

Adam Gootkin, K&G Ventures

“I have been a great fan of yours, and your contributions to the field of personal development, for almost two decades. I first became a fan of yours in 1986, when I read your stunning two-page article, “Seven Steps to Career Success,” which was reprinted from the National Business Employment Weekly in January of that year. I still read this short but informative article almost every month. It contains one of the most powerful sentences I have ever read: “Those without written goals are forever condemned to work for those with them.”

Mike Perry

“Brian has inspired so many to pursue their dreams and to break the constraints of self-doubt. I would encourage anyone interested in expanding and developing their abilities to learn from this master and to open their minds to his good words.”

William B. Bennett, Attorney at Law, Manulkin, Glaser & Bennett

"Two things you will always find in my car …gas and a Brian Tracy audio lesson."

Richard Nikodem, Jr., Senior Event Advisor, Power Performers

"Your inspired ideas have shown me how to be successful in spite of obstacles on the path. I have accomplished things I never thought possible – with relative ease!"

Susan Sheridan, Austin

" I credit Brian with my very fortunate accomplishments of being a top producer and earner with all the companies I have been employed. Brian has helped me in my personal,family,spiritual and business life. I have never met anyone that is as well read as Mr. Tracy. His ability to speak on so many different subjects is unparalled. You are truly an inspiration and keep me striving to always accomplish more while staying in balance. "

Brian Mertens, Vice President of Sales

" “My sales have increased over $200,000 in 3 months …my manager is quite pleased …I attribute this to specific concepts I learned in your Psychology of Selling course."

Harry Hempel, Tri-Mark

"Let me share a few comments about your presentation from the evaluations: 'Very motivational!'; 'One of the best I've ever heard!'; 'He offered some very thought-provoking ideas.'; 'Seemed very practical in any job.'; 'Very positive and upbeat.'”"

Mark Shaughnessy, Blue Shield, Senior VP

"Thank you for your highly inspirational seminar. Our sales people left your presentation 'sky high' and they have been translating your great inspirations and material content into sales ever since. As a result, April and May were the two greatest sales months in our history. We were 22% over a year ago and 108% of projections."

Ed Taussig, Allstate Legal Supply Co., Vice President

"Personal Success and Brian Tracy are synonymous. Nobody I know can teach you more about how to achieve and succeed than Brian. He makes the case clearly and then proves it in his own remarkable life. If he recommends it, do it. He knows what he's talking about. "

Jim Cathcart, The Acorn Principle, Author

"I couldn't have written it better myself!"

Lee Iacocca, Chrysler Corporation, Reitred Chairman

"As a Bible Teacher in a Christian School, I often interact with parents, teachers and administrators, in addition to the children. I find listening and relitening to Brian's material very helpful. His timeless truths are really Bible truths - honesty, integrity, decicion making, vision, overcoming obstacles, and learning in order to teach others. Thank you, David McKee"

David McKee, Eagle's Landing Christian Academy, Bible Teacher

"We were extremely pleased with Brian's presentation to our BC Sales team. The time that he invested prior to the event clearly helped him to better understand our current environment and needs which resulted in a very personalized message to the team. His passion and experience in selling made it very easy for him to relate to the audience and his sense of humor and ability to tell a great story made the presentation not only informative and valuable, but also entertaining!"

Angela Del Bianco, Yellow Pages Group, Director, Sales BC

"I have seen many motivational speaker and none of them compared to Brian Tracy. His seminar kept my attention, was relevant to my work and personal life, and provided me with techniques that I could implement as soon as I got back to the office. I signed up on his website for daily quotes and newsletters which continue to motivate me and keep me focused on my goal - to be the best, most productive person I can be at work and at home."

Cory Beath, Yellow Pages Group, Business Sales Consultant, AB

"Brian has been tremendously instrumental to my success over the years. The psychology of achievement was absolutely life changing for me!"

David Markert, ScreamFree Living, Partner

"The day I picked up Brian Tracy's 21 ways to be a sales superstar,my life changed forever. I went from being a Sales Manager to becoming a Director of Sales & Marketing in 4 years, and raising my income by more than 50%! With Brian Tracy as my mentor,I feel sky is the limit. His words inspire me each day to grow both professionally and in my personal life as well. "

Ravi Balan, Biltmore Hotel & Suites, Director of Sales & Marketing

"Since hearing the audio book in 2003,and applying the principles learned. My career has gained tremendou momentum. I now have agents in New York and Paris, have been in two biennale's in Europe and Canada. My work has appeared in newspapers, gazettes and television. Within the next 6 months, my painting will appear in two major american art magazines."

Mary Nunn, self, Artist

"It is hard to believe that I have been listening and learning from Brian's programs for over 20 years. They are a constant source of inspiration. He taught me first to beleive in myself and than others. "

Jay Scholz, Scholz, Klein & Friends , President

"Brian Tracy is my hero. I have been listening to his audios in my car over the course of 7 or 8 years. Cannot wait to attend my first seminar."

Debbie Sacco, Acme Cash Register Company, POS programmer

"None can beat this Awesome Champion Brian Tracy. He is my Guru in Sales. I was the Top Salesperson for 5 years for the number one Telecommunication Company in New Zealand. I have written Two Top selling Sales book. My Motivation and success comes from Brian Tracy. Listen to Brian Tracy spend an hour a day and see within one year. You will be the Top 1% in your company. Brian Tracy for President. Winston Saga CEO- Sales and Motivation- "

Winston Saga, Sales and Motivation, CEO

"I decided to try out The Law of Attraction on this girl, just to see if it would work. Keep in mind we lived in states that were hundreds of miles apart and had lives that were totally different. I even thought she was a girl out of my league. She is STRIKINGLY beautiful! But I wanted to test the law. Fast Forward to today. I'm with the girl of my DREAMS! We have a beautiful daughter. I can't believe it worked! Thank you Brian Tracy for making this information available! "

Brandon Powers

"My wife and I have been listening to Brian Tracy's audio programs for a few months now. I can't tell you how much he has influenced our way of thinking and attitude, and it is already beginning to have a big impact in our lives. I would strongly recommend these programs for anyone who is gung-ho about change! "

Sridhar Krishnamoorthy, Accenture, Program Manager

"I purchased the Psychology of Achievement tapes. I had a new baby and 3 other kids,I was over weight, my husband had left me, I had no job and I was going through post partem depression. After listening to the tapes I lost weight, bought my first new car, started college and went to work at UPS. That was 1988. I bought the tapes for 10 cents at a yard sale. Since then land and home are paid for and I bought 2 more sets of cd's. More positives, my darling positive successful children. Thank you Brian Tracy. YOU gave me a brand new life. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS."

Nancy Fortenberry, None, Mother

"Brian I subscribed to your personal development newsletter some months ago and have a full collection of your newsletters. They inspired me to buy couple of your audio programs and that changed my life all together giving it a direction a purpose. Thank you."

Tahani Salahuddin, Willing Ways, Business Executive

"I Currently have 5 of Brian Tracy's books including his latest, "The Way To Wealth". I highly recommend his books to everyone I know. Brian Tracy is the master of presenting powerful principles with effective simplicity. He has been a coach to me and because of this I am now building my company and living my dreams. Thank You for your committment to helping others achieve and believe! "

Danny Gilbert, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

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