Update on My Health!

Thank you for your kind emails and letters, and for your advice and recommendations

I began chemo yesterday, Thursday, April 15. I will soon learn how I respond physically and then be able to plan my life and work around it.

When you think about it, having cancer can be a metaphor for any big problem or unexpected setback in life.

It happens unexpectedly, like job loss, bankruptcy, or divorce. You react with surprise, shock, and dismay.  Then, you finally accept “the facts on the ground.”… Read more

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My Current Health Situation

UPDATE 4/8/10:

Good news! The real cancer treatment process does not begin until May 31. Up to that time, aside from discomfort I’ll be working and giving seminars on my regular schedule.  All is well!

Brian Tracy


The greatest blessing that we can have is ideal health, energy, and fitness.  Unfortunately, health is something that we often do not think a lot about until we have health problems.

Over the past few weeks, starting with a regular medical checkup, the doctors have discovered that I have a cancerous tumor in my throat that is fairly well along in development…. Read more

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