FREE Webinar: How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author

Have you ever had dreams of sharing your story with the world and becoming a published author?  Well you’re not alone.  Much of the population has aspirations of writing a book, but they’re held back by self-doubt and fear.  Not knowing where to begin, how to structure, and the steps to getting published has stopped many hopeful writers from turning their dreams in to  reality. Fortunately, there are steps that anyone can take to successfully write a book and getting it published.

After publishing more than 50 books over my career, I’ve mastered the writing process and now I want to share this exclusive insight with you!  I will be sitting down with good friend and bestselling author Brendon Burchard for an exclusive FREE webinar titled How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author. In this 45 minute webinar Brendon and I will share our years of knowledge and experience and explain the 4-step proven process that will help get you on your way to fulfilling your dreams of becoming a published author…. Read more

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