Educational Videos on European History

If you don’t already know this, I’m extremely interested in history in general… I have to be. I travel all over the world and everywhere I go I read about the history of the location before I arrive.

I’m very familiar with cultural customs and enjoy learning about the history of other regions and cultures. I recently went on a Mediterranean Cruise with Barbara and learned about the most interesting places. Below are two videos – one about the city of Ephesus, and one about the burial ground of the Bible’s St. John…

This is the city of Ephesus. Very interesting place — you have a brothel on one side of the street and a library on the other… watch more here…
[flv:/files/videos/blog/cruise_videos/cruise_ephesusLibrary.flv 460 259]

This video is of one of the most important people in the Bible — St. John — who wrote the book of Revelations. This is the 4 colums that lay over his grave…
[flv:/files/videos/blog/cruise_videos/cruise_ephesusStJohn.flv 460 259]

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  • Tariq Juneja

    I read a lot of your Blogs and for me the best is always your travels and litle history parts -thanks!

  • Mark

    Thanks! I am planning to go there in September!

  • banady

    Thank you for your information Mr. Brian and I liked your articles so I hope to visit the Arab Middle East because I am an Arab and follow-up to you

  • Those are two short, sweet and informative clips. I’ll try to visit there sometime soon. The nature looks so beautiful and lush green and fresh..

  • These videos are really nice and informative. Thanks for posting 🙂

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