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My friends in Poland

My friends in Poland have established the Brian Tracy Academy of Success, offering my audio, video and written programs on Sales, Management and Personal Success. On Monday, November 12, we had 550 Polish Business people and Entrepreneurs come out to my one day seminar on Leadership and Managerial Success. My translator Teddy, who stands on the stage next to me, did an excellent job of conveying both the content and the spirit of the message.

My friends and associates, Marek, Kris, and Greg, along with Sebastian – the consummate salesman and promoter for our business, took terrific care of us. My partner from Vancouver, Canada, Mr. Ib Moller, accompanied me to Poland, stopping off in Copenhagen to visit his father where he grew up. After a great day in Warsaw, I flew on to Stuttgart to meet with Frank and Claudia Scheelen and my wonderful client Waltar Kaltenbach, who brought together 350 Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople for a full day seminar on personal success and achievement.

My dear friend Nikolaus Enklemann, the Zig Ziglar of Germany, and his wonderful daughter Claudia Enkleman were also present. In addition, Dr. Lothar Seiwert, the top European authority on time management were also there to greet me, and to attend my seminar the following day.

Although my German is almost fluent, whenever I speak to a large audience, I also have my favorite translator Hans Jaochim Han on the stage with me. He and I have worked together, speaking all over Germany, for more than ten years. I currently have about 16 books and programs on the German market and I have just written a new book with Nikolaus Enklemann which is coming out in February.

After a great day in Stuttgart, and a good night’s sleep, I flew on to Istanbul to conduct a seminar for my client Engin Emre and more than 300 top businesspeople at a hotel called the Swisshotel Bosphurus, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, overlooking the waters of the Bosphurus that separate Europe from Asia.

The city of Istanbul has been crisscrossed by wars, invading armies and revolutions for 2,500 years. The Persian King Xerces in 459 B.C. built a pontoon bridge across the Bosphurus to march his million man invading army toward the conquest of Greece. It was not until this century that a second bridge was built across these waters for car and truck traffic, joining the two parts of the world.

Next week I am flying to Skopje, Albania (Macedonia) to speak for a day and then on to Belgrade. This will total 95 countries that I have visit, and 47 countries that I have spoken in to audiences of various sizes. The more I travel, the more amazed I am with the incredible diversity and differences in the world around us.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you are gearing up for a happy holiday season.

I will talk to you again soon.

Brian Tracy

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