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“The history of wars, throughout the ages is defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, and then ultimate victory.�?

In the last two weeks, I have spoken to large audiences in Augusta and Macon, Georgia, as well as seminar audiences in Las Vegas and Anaheim.

In between, I flew to Washington for two days of high level meetings addressing many of the subjects that are important today and will be important in the future of our country.

It appears that the Iraq war is getting under control. Winston Churchill once wrote that, “The history of wars, throughout the ages is defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, and then ultimate victory.”

Some of the smartest, most skilled and most tenacious professional soldiers are prosecuting the war in Iraq. As in all wars, they make mistakes and are often slow to learn. But learn they do. Sooner or later, they learn the critical lessons that they need to achieve the victory that they are committed to. With the “surge” in Iraq, the terrorists have been broken up, scattered, pursued and driven out of all the major population centers. Violence is down as much as 90% and people who had left Iraq are now returning by the tens of thousands to resume their normal lives.

The U.S. economy grew at 4.9% in the third quarter of 2007. This is one of the fastest growth rates in history, even if you include the sub-prime meltdown caused by over-lending to borrowers who could not repay their mortgages when they reset at higher interest rates.

The unemployment rate in the U.S. is 4.7%, one of the best in the world, and one of the best in history. The annual federal deficit is lower than the average of the last 40 years. More people are working and earning higher wages, more companies are being started and earning higher profits. Regardless of the negative stories you read day after day in the press, life has never been better for the average American.

Your goal should be to fully participate in the golden age of America. In order for you to enjoy all the rewards that are possible for you, you must be the best at what you do. You must commit to excellence in your chosen field. You must set it as a goal and work toward it every single day. You must read the best books in your field. You must continually listen to educational CD’s in your car, rather than music as you drive around. You must attend every course and seminar you can. You must never stop driving forward until you are in the top 10% or 20% of your field.

A few years ago, a large organization that represented many thousands of sales people did an assessment of the average incomes of their members. They found that the top 20% were earning on average, more than the entire bottom 80%. When they calculated this on paper, they were shocked! They found that the average income of people in the top 20% was 16 times the average income of people in the bottom 80%. But there was more.

When they took the top 20% of the top 20%, that is, the top 4%, they found that people in the top 4% were earning 80% of the money in the top 20%. The incomes of these top 4% were 30 times and 40 times higher than the average of people in the bottom 80%.

They also found that everyone in the top 10% had started at the bottom 10%. Everyone who was doing well was at one time doing poorly. Everyone at the top of their field was at one time not even in that field and did not know that it existed. But they found one difference between top people and average people. The top people had made a clear, unequivocal, definite commitment to be the best in their field shortly after they started.

The people in the bottom 80%, with the same talents, education, ability and experience, had failed to make this decision.

One of the most incredible discoveries is this. If you do not decide to be in the top 10 or 20%, you will, by default, simply fall into the bottom 80%. It will not be because of anything you did, but because of all the things that you didn’t do, starting with making that decision.

No one who has not decided to be in the top 10% ever reached that level. It does not happen by accident, it happens by design.

Here is the best news of all. No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you. Everyone has pretty much the same average talents and abilities. And whatever hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of other people have done, you can do as well. There are no limits except the limits you put on yourself. Resolve today to become one of the very best people in your field, no matter how long it takes, or how much it costs. You might want to check out the high-powered courses at Brian Tracy University ( and take a free lesson to see if this is the right way for you to begin moving to the top of your field.

Make it a wonderful year!

Brian Tracy

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