Catastrophe Exaggerated

There is no evidence whatsoever, anywhere, in any scientific study, that carbon dioxide emissions are harmful to the globe, or to any living creature.

During this summer, I have done a good deal of reading on the subject of “climate change” and “global warming.” Since these subjects are extremely controversial today, I wanted to fully understand the truth about the subjects. What I have found is very different from what you read in the popular press.

When I was in Phoenix in July, the temperature reached 115 degrees in the daytime. There was then a story in the paper saying that “This is the hottest that it has been in Phoenix since 1990.”

The often-repeated fallacy that 2007 has been the hottest summer since 1998, which was the hottest summer on record, has been disproved by fact. The truth is that the temperature in the U.S. in 1934 was the hottest summer on record. In fact, the world has been gradually cooling since 1998, all the warnings to the contrary notwithstanding.

It turns out that the emission of carbon dioxide takes place worldwide, at all times, and less than 2% of carbon dioxide emissions are caused by “anthropogenic activity” or activities caused by human beings. The flatulence from cows, which also contains methane, emits more carbon dioxide than all the SUV’s in the world.

There is another little-known factor: There is no evidence whatsoever, anywhere, in any scientific study, that carbon dioxide emissions are harmful to the globe, or to any living creature. In fact, the opposite is true. High concentrations of carbon dioxide lead to larger, richer, fuller crops and extended growing seasons, thereby increasing food production and lowering food costs for many people in the world.

It also turns out, according to worldwide experts, that global warming seems to follow carbon dioxide increases with a lag of about four hundred years. It turns out that almost every single statement in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth are false, distorted, or misleading.

There is only one correlation between global temperatures and anything else, and that is sun spot activity. Whenever the world tilts in its orbit so that it faces the sun more directly, combined with intensified sun spot activity, the globe goes through a period of warming. The global warming enthusiasts do not want to discuss the fact that the temperature on Mars has increased at exactly the same rate as the temperature on the earth over the last few years. This is all caused by sun radiation and not by man-made activity.

It is true that the earth today is about one degree warmer on average than it was fifty years ago. It is also true that the temperature of the earth has fluctuated for several thousand years, according to ice core samples taken from the Antarctic. And by the way, the Southern Hemisphere of the earth is actually cooling, not warming. Global warming is primarily in the Northern Hemisphere because it is more oriented toward the sun at this time of increased sun spot activity.

Why is there so much controversy over global warming and the role of human activity? Simple. If you are a meteorologist or weather scientist, you can only get a job, or get government grants or research grants if you bang the drum for man made global warming. If you question man made global warming, you lose your job, your tenure and your research grants. You have to leave your field of science and find another way to feed your family.

Keep your mind open. Everything I am telling you about here has been reprinted in the newspapers many times. It is not a secret. This is the best of all times in all of human history to be alive, and it is only going to get better in the years ahead. Believe it.

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