Drill Here, Drill Now, Lower Prices

The United States is one of the most blessed countries in all of human history. After World War II, it was the “last man standing.�?

As a result, the United States enjoyed the greatest and longest period of sustained affluence and prosperity of any country in the world. An entire generation, now in politics, grew up believing that prosperity was inevitable and that each person was entitled to enjoy a wonderful life without hard work or sacrifice.

Napoleon Hill once wrote, “Never attempt to violate natural laws and win.”

What he meant was that there are certain laws in nature, like gravity, that you cannot violate for any time without paying the consequences.

There is the story of the man who decides to commit suicide by jumping off a 30 story building. As he plummets toward the ground, someone leans out from a 15th story window and shouts, “How’s it going?” The falling man shouts back, “So far, so good!”

Our problems with oil and energy are self-inflicted. We are the only country in the world with enormous oil and gas reserves that has made it illegal for our companies to extract these resources and make them available to the American people.

For some bizarre reason, the politicians in Washington became convinced that we could enjoy endless affluence without paying for it. We could have energy sufficiency, if not energy independence, without ever having to drill for oil in our own country.

Today, we send $700 billion dollars per year overseas to pay for imported oil. We are bankrupting ourselves under a debt load that will crush this country in the coming years if we do not reverse course immediately.

The fact is that oil and gas power 86% of our energy needs in the U.S., and this will not change very much over the next hundred years. We have no choice but to drill and extract all the oil and gas, plus shale oil and coal that we possibly can, to stop shipping hundreds of billions of dollars overseas into the hands of people who are not necessarily our friends.

All the hysteria over global warming does not change the fact that average global temperatures stopped rising in 1998 and have stabilized since then. We are having some of the coldest winters on record. The hottest years recorded in the United States are 1934 and 1935, when temperatures were hotter than they are today, and there were no excessive carbon dioxide emissions taking place, especially since we were in the middle of the Great Depression.

In previous eras, carbon dioxide emissions were ten times and twenty times greater over the earth than they are today. During those times, the excess carbon dioxide was absorbed by plant life, causing most of the world to be covered by dense tropical forests. Today, increased carbon dioxide levels actually lead to more luxurious and abundant crops and food stocks to feed a hungry world.

Environmentalism today has become the ultimate religion for atheists. People who do not believe in God instead believe in the environment, and with an almost hysterical faithfulness that shuts out all facts, information and contrary opinions.

The environmentalists are what Eric Hoffer called, “the true believers.” They are so passionately extreme about their viewpoint that mankind is the source of all evil on the earth, that they are willing to engage in any behaviors, including violence, burning and destruction, to support those beliefs.

The fact is that there is only one way for Americans to enjoy a sustained, high quality of life, that is affordable to all, and that is by drilling oil and gas, mining coal, and developing the oil shale in western United States that contains as much as 1.7 trillion barrels of oil.

Politicians in Washington are the only politicians in the world who are convinced that we can maintain our standard of living by making it illegal to drill more energy supplies, and bankrupting our country by sending $700 billion dollars a year overseas to oil exporters.

But, as Herbert Stein said, “What cannot go on, won’t.”

Sooner or later, the American public will awake. As Ayn Rand wrote in her Theory of Objectivism, “Reality is.” Two and two is four. What goes up must come down. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. We must aggressively drill for and extract more oil, natural gas, coal and shale if we are to provide for our energy needs, for ourselves and our families, before the nation goes bankrupt.

Keep on thinking!

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