Europe in September

This has been a great week!

During the last week of August, I was flying, traveling and speaking all over the country, starting in Seattle for 16,000 people, moving on to speak for Precor for the entire day, and then on to Houston to speak for Guardian Home Care.

From Houston/Galveston, I flew to Chicago and recorded a new program, “The New Psychology of Achievement” before flying on to Grand Rapids to do a seminar for 1,000 Sales Professionals to introduce the “Sales Master Academy”.

When you enroll for the Sales Mastery Academy, you receive a $295.00 gift, a 16-CD Program on personal and professional success, plus unlimited access to more than 100 high powered selling programs, delivered online to your website, anytime, anywhere. Thousands of Sales Professionals all over the English speaking world are lining up and signing up for these programs in Sales Excellence. Upon completion, each person receives a “Certified Sales Professional” certificate for framing.

On Saturday morning, I flew via Washington/Dulles to Frankfurt and onto Moscow to speak for 2,200 highly motivated dealers, distributors and representatives of the Kirby Company, easily the best vacuum cleaner in the world.

Moscow is amazing! More than 400 billion dollars has flowed into the Russian economy as the result of high oil prices, and most of this money has gone to Moscow and St. Petersburg. The streets are full of Mercedes- Benzs and BMWs. The restaurants are jammed. The prices are now the highest in the world. For example, a typical hotel room downtown costs $1,000 per night, or more. A cup of coffee is $10.00 and a glass of wine is $25.00.

The city of Moscow is quite beautiful. They have built brand new roads and highways, new apartment buildings and hotels, and everything is clean and modern. The city itself is bustling, with individual and economic activity everywhere. Although there is a lot of crime and corruption, as a traveler or tourist you don’t experience it very much. Fortunately, my clients picked me up at the airport in a private car and dropped me off at the airport later in the same vehicle. It was all very smooth.

The city of St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful in the world. It was designed and built to compare with the finest cities in Europe, starting with Peter the Great and then later, Catherine the Great. The magnificent palaces built along the canals and rivers once housed the crowned princes and princesses, as well as the czars. Today they are museums, like the Hermitage, one of the great art museums of the world, and the Ministries of Government. Again, Russia has changed dramatically since the fall of the Soviet Union and is now clean, modern and busy.

My seminar participants, 2,200 in Moscow and 800 in St. Petersburg, were positive, enthusiastic, and eager to learn new ideas they could use to be successful in the fast growing economy.

After three days in Russia, I caught a 6:30 am flight from St. Petersburg via Vienna to Belgrade, Serbia. It is hard to believe that we were bombing these people back in the Clinton years. Today, the city is rapidly merging with the European Union, and construction is taking place everywhere. New hotels, office buildings, apartment buildings and homes are rising in every direction.

We had 600 people at the Conference Center in downtown Belgrade for the entire day. As in Russia, everyone is eager to learn and apply new ideas. I shared with them some of my best methods and strategies on Personal Planning, Goal Setting, Time Management and Sales Success.

My host Matt Marinsek is the Regional Vice President for Kirby in the Eastern Block.

His story is fascinating. He grew up in Communist Slovenia and began earning his living by selling novels door to door. His average sale was one in nine doors that he knocked on. Over the course of five years, he knocked on more than 100,000 doors in order to make a good living.

When he was 22, he set out and crossed the Sahara Desert into Niger Dahoney, now Benin.

He took a trip to the United States and met a Kirby Sales manager in a bar in Miami. Since his English was already quite good, he began selling Kirby Vacuums door to door in Southern Florida. Within a year, he was the number one salesman in his region.

The Kirby Company gave him the rights to distribute Kirby vacuum cleaners in Eastern Europe, where they currently had no market. Since then, Matt has built an organization of ten thousand people selling 60 million dollars worth of Kirby vacuum cleaners each month! It is an amazing accomplishment.

From Belgrade, I caught an early morning flight on Friday and flew all day, gaining nine hours in flight and arrived back in San Diego by 3:00 on Friday afternoon, completely exhausted.

In October, I will be returning to Russia and the Ukraine, and in November, I will be speaking in China and Malaysia. What never ceases to amaze me is that you can get onto an airplane in virtually any city, and travel to almost anywhere in the world almost as easily as driving to work. It just takes longer.

Health wise, I have dropped 17 pounds this year and kept it off, after having set it as a goal over and over again. The key to weight loss is to change your lifestyle. Make a decision today to dramatically cut back on all the foods that cause you to gain weight, eat more salads, exercise more regularly and in effect, “get serious” about health and fitness. There is no other way.

In my next blog, I will talk about the presidential campaign and the economy.

See you then!


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