The Secret

You become what you think about most of the time.

It was Aristotle who wrote, "Try not to be so much a man of wealth, but a man of character."

It never fails to amaze me how good and honorable most people are.

You read continually about crime and dishonesty, lying and stealing, but I think about 95% of people are genuinely good at heart. It is the bad apples who get all the press and notoriety.

Someone wrote me an email last week about the movie "The Secret" and said that viewing it had changed his life.

Wow! In my 1990 book "Maximum Achievement," Chapter One, I explained the seven basic mental laws, including the "Law of Attraction," in some detail. "The Secret" says that this law has been hidden for centuries and only a small number of people know about it.

What I wrote back was that, of course, "The Law of Attraction," or "The Strangest Secret" that Earl Nightingale recorded in 1955, are true. You do become what you think about most of the time.

But this is not enough. What is even more important is that you accept 100% responsibility for your life, everything you are, and everything you will ever be.

Only then do you set goals, make plans, learn what you need to know to succeed, and work – hard, hard, hard – for a long time to get the things you want.

This is the height of personal honesty – to accept complete responsibility for being a person of character – and then being willing to pay the full price of success, in advance.

Yes, you must think positive thoughts, and visualize your goals as a reality, and then – get to work.

I trust you are making continuous progress on your own personal road to success.

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