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seminars in Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, Las Vegas and Sacramento.

This has been a busy week for me. I gave seminars in Calgary, Alberta, Vancouver, British Columbia, Las Vegas and Sacramento. In all, my audiences tolled more than 2,000 people, almost all of them sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

As I travel, I am continually amazed at the high standard of living and affluence that we enjoy in North America. One of the things that frustrates me is the continual drumbeat of negativity in the press, almost purely for political reasons.

Even though we are enjoying the strongest and most powerful economic times in all of human history, with 69% home ownership, an unemployment rate of 4.4%, the highest profits for companies, large and small, and greater increases in personal wealth than have ever taken place at any time in history, the newspapers continually tell us that our economy is in trouble.

Fully 28% of Americans believe that the economy is in recession. This is so silly as to be almost unbelievable. Every year, the US creates 22 million new jobs, while shedding or downsizing 20 million jobs. This is a net increase of two million new jobs per year, more than all of Europe put together.

More than one million Americans take the plunge and start a new business each year. Money pours into the US from all over the world, as do new immigrants from 194 countries. The OECD in Paris ranks the United States as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, offering more opportunities and possibilities for the average person to start a business and become success than any other country.

One of the little secrets I learned when I was in Europe is that more than two million young entrepreneurs from France and Germany, what they called “Old Europe,” have quietly immigrated to other countries seeking opportunities, many of them to the United States.

This is the best time in all of human history to be alive. And if anything, it is only going to get better in the years ahead.

When you read negative stories about America, Americans and the state of the economy, just look around you. Fully 50% of all the wealth in America has been created in the last 25 years, and wealth creation continues all around us, every single day.

Most of the negativity you read in the newspapers is politically motivated. Fully 89% of writers for the newspapers, magazines, television and radio have put themselves on record as being opposed to the current national government, and committed to getting their party back into power. To this end, they are twisting and misshaping news and information to the point where the truth is almost unrecognizable today.

Bill Gates was once asked, “If you could ask a person standing behind a screen just one question, what one question would tell you the most about his or her possibilities for success in life?”

Bill Gate’s answer to this question was that he would ask, “What country do you live in?”

If the person behind the screen answered, “The United States,” he or she would have a better chance of success than a person living anywhere else in the world.

We should get up every morning and thank whatever God we believe in that we live in this wonderful country and have endless possibilities unfolding before us.

I’ll talk to you again soon.

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