Traveling In Eastern Europe

The world is changing at a rapid rate today

Traveling In Eastern Europe

The world is changing at a rapid rate today, and in no place is it changing faster than in the old communist countries of Eastern Europe.

On April 22, I flew out of Los Angeles to Munich, and then onto Bucharest in Romania. Under the communist government, Romania was a repressed state with no freedoms and the people living in terror most of the time. When the Revolution came, the Dictator and his wife were tried on television, sentenced to death, and taken out in front of the courthouse and executed by a firing squad. Everyone cheered.

The people of Romania are now busy, optimistic and building a dynamic, free market economy. I stayed at the beautiful Hilton Athenee in the heart of the old city of Bucharest and gave a seminar all day Tuesday on Professional Selling.

The seminar was put together and coordinated by three amazing businesswomen – Renata, Joanna, and Liliana. They did a wonderful job coordinating all the details and channeling 200 businesspeople into the beautiful ballroom of the hotel.

On Wednesday, April 25, I flew through Vienna to Vilnius, Lithuania. Again, the entrepreneur and promoter was a talented woman named Skirmante Laucyte who organized the entire seminar from beginning to end. We had about 200 Lithuanian businesspeople all day learning about Personal Productivity and Effectiveness.

Lithuania was also under control of the Russians from 1945 to 1989, very repressed and impoverished. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Lithuanian people demanded that the Russians depart, which they eventually did.

Skirmante was telling me that, during the Russian times, her parents kept a bundle of warm clothing next to the door so that they could grab it if they were arrested in the night and deported to Siberia. They never knew, from one day to the next, if the secret police would burst in and exile them for life. Most of the population lived in this relentless state of terror and insecurity.

On the evening of April 26, I flew to Warsaw via Copenhagen. Unfortunately, Scandinavian Air Services, for which Copenhagen is their international hub, had gone on strike the day before, shutting down hundreds of flights and filling the airports with thousands of people sleeping on the floor. Fortunately for me, I flew via Air Baltic to Copenhagen and via Polish Airways to Warsaw. I was only delayed three hours, arriving in Warsaw after midnight.

In Warsaw, as in Romania and Lithuania, the economy is booming, growing at 7% – 8% per year. There are new office buildings and hotels going up everywhere, plus restaurants, shopping centers, new cars in the streets and an optimistic, happy population bustling around.

All day Friday, April 27, we had 400 people in the Warsaw Marriott taking notes and learning about Business Leadership. In the evening, we had dinner at the home of one of our Polish partners in the Brian Tracy Academy of Success. They are translating and delivering my video-based learning programs throughout the country, and are setting up our first international branch of Brian Tracy University.

Most of Warsaw was destroyed by the German army during World War II. They have rebuilt the old town almost exactly as it looked hundreds of years ago, with old buildings and cobblestone squares. The weather was beautiful, the people were happy, and it is clear that Poland has a great economic future.

On Sunday, April 29, I rose early, met once more with my Polish partners, and then caught the flight to Frankfurt. From Frankfurt, I flew back to San Diego via Denver, departing and arriving exactly on time. Throughout my trip, there was not a single word of criticism or negativity directed at the United States. Americans are popular and well liked everywhere. Most of the businesspeople are studying English so that they can integrate themselves into the world economy. They all want to enjoy the same rights, freedoms and prosperity that we have.

This is a great world that we live in. We should count our blessings everyday.

I’ll be back to you again soon.

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