When the Going Gets Tough

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”?

So wrote Charles Dickens in the first sentence of his book “Bleak House” more than 100 years ago.

From the boom times of the mid-70’s we are entering into one of the most challenging economic periods of all of our lives. Our economy and our businesses are experiencing financial reversals that have not been seen since 1937. And if the economists are correct, this situation will continue well into 2009 and maybe into 2010.

But, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. As Napoleon Hill said, “Within every problem or setback lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity or benefit.”

Our job is to look into every problem or difficulty for the valuable lesson that we can learn and turn to our advantage. It is to look for something good that will help us to be better and stronger in the future. And the good news is that, if you look for something good, or a valuable lesson, you will always find it.

Over the years, it has been said over and over again, “Learners are leaders.” It has been said “Leaders are readers.” The latest research shows that those people that start at the bottom and eventually get to the top engage in what is called “deliberate practice.” They never stop learning and growing in their fields. They deliberately select the subjects that they need to master in order to use all of their other skills and abilities at a higher level.

In the past, during periods of affluence, the majority of the population has become soft, like an athlete that has been out of competition for a long time. The average person today is preoccupied with what Dennis Waitley calls activities that are “tension relieving” rather than activities that are “goal achieving.”

Continuous learning was considered by many to be optional, an activity engaged in by some of those “positive thinkers” that seem to be earning so much more money and moving ahead so much faster than the average person.

Today however, continuous learning is the minimum requirement for survival and success in your field. If you are not getting better, you are getting worse. If you are not constantly improving and upgrading your skills, you are falling behind, like a runner in a race. And there is no time to lose.

Malcolm Forbes once wrote a story about how many factories found that the byproducts of the manufacturing process turned out to be more valuable than the actual products produced in the factory itself. For example, for many years in Germany, Bayer, a major chemical company, stacked up piles of acetylsalicylic acid next to the factory, this was a byproduct of the chemical manufacturing process.

Over time, the executives of the factory noticed that the workers would scoop up a bit of this acetylsalicylic acid powder and consume it with water when they came in on Mondays with hangovers from the weekend. They found that it had remarkable pain-killing properties. This led to the discovery of Aspirin, and to Bayer Aspirin, which became a billion dollar industry world wide.

The byproducts of your daily life are spare time. Each week, you start off with 168 hours. Of that time 40 hours is devoted to work and another 56 hours to sleep. This leaves you 62 hours per week to do with as you please.

The great discovery is that if you invest two hours per day, fourteen hours per week, back into yourself, you will soon become one of the most competent, capable and highest paid people in your field. The byproduct of your daily life are those extra hours that you have leftover to invest in yourself.

The 80/20 rule seems to apply, based on current research. What it says is that the average income of people in the bottom 80% in our society increases at approximately 3% a year, keeping pace with inflation. This means that people in the bottom 80% very seldom make any progress. They have a “JOB” which stands for “Just Over Broke.”

But people in the top 20%, those who are continually upgrading their skills, increase their income at an average of 11% per year. This means that their income doubles every 5-7 years, and then doubles again repeatedly throughout their lives. As a result, people in the top 20%, the life-long learners, are increasingly earning more money, driving nicer cars, living in nicer homes and providing nicer lives for their families. Which group do you belong to?

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Remember, your most valuable financial asset is your “earning ability.” This is your ability to earn money. You can have a low earning ability or a high earning ability. And this is totally up to you. It is a matter of your own personal decision. Your earning ability is not fixed. It is flexible, and you can make it grow, by acquiring new knowledge and developing new skills.

All business skills are learnable. All sales skills are learnable. All money making skills are learnable. All life skills and all health skills are learnable. Everything that you want to know, you can learn if you reach out for it.

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These are challenging times, but they are also full of opportunity. Your job is to develop the skills and abilities necessary to take advantage of the opportunities around you and to move ahead of your competition in the months and years ahead. Take action today!

Brian Tracy

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