Inside Look at Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy: Interviews with Two Graduates!

In my lifetime, I’ve given speeches to hundreds of thousands of people to audiences all around the world, but it didn’t always come easy to me. I spent years working on my public speaking and communication skills with a speech coach before I reached the level of speaking I’m at today. The ability to help others through my speeches has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career, both personally and professionally.

I wanted to share my knowledge of the industry to professionals and aspiring speakers, which is why I created Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy, an intensive 3-day public speaking training course. Throughout the course, I work with my students to help them achieve their goals of becoming sought-after professional speakers and give them tips I’ve learned throughout my thirty years of experience to help improve their presentation and communication skills.

Since my first Academy in 2010, I’ve received tons of positive feedback from graduates of my program who keep me updated on their growth and success. To provide an inside view on what the Speaking Academy experience is like, I asked two of my past students to share their experiences in the workshop. They reveal their personal goals in public speaking, as well as what they learned during the three days with me. . If you’d like more information about this personalized public speaking training, please follow this link:  Click Here to View the Speaking Academy Page


speaking-academy-public-speakingSpeaking Academy Graduate Interview #1
Name: Bob Whipple “The Trust Ambassador”
From: Rochester, New York

Q: What do you do and how do you use speaking in your profession?

A: The name of my company is Leadergrow, Inc. My mission is to help grow leaders at all levels in organizations of all types. Leadergrow consists of four focuses: teaching, writing, consulting, and speaking.  I speak at associations and companies of all types and sizes on the topic of how to build and maintain trust.

Q: What were you hoping to get out of attending Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy?

A: My goals for attending the Brian Tracy Speaking Academy were to get additional insight on how to expand my marketing reach, and to improve my presentation and communication skills. Both of these goals were met, and I also obtained vital information and practice on how to plan an award-winning speech and prepare myself to present it.

Q: Why did you choose Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy over other public speaking courses that are available?

A: I have attended several speaking development classes in my professional career. None of them were personally taught by a Master Craftsman like Brian Tracy. His level of attention to detail and total dedication to student needs are unique in the training business. As a training executive myself, I was blown away by the commitment, generosity, and care that Brian Tracy displayed throughout this course.

Q: What was your favorite part about the Speaking Academy?

A: This was not a theoretical course on speaking. It was total immersion from the first five minutes until the final graduation picture.  Not a minute was wasted.  The days were very long, but the learning was incredible. My favorite part about the Speaking Academy was the immediate feedback and coaching after each practice session.

The support staff at Brian Tracy International was also amazing. They made sure all of the needs of each student were met and consistently exceeded expectations by focusing on every minute detail to do everything in a first class manner. Brian, and the entire staff, made sure the focus was on delivery of outstanding content, but did so in the context of great social bonding that made the entire process delightful for the participants.

Q: How will you apply what you learned in the Speaking Academy to your life and career?

A: I am currently preparing for a corporate keynote presentation, and I am using the knowledge from Brian’s training as the basis of that design.  I have complete confidence that my speech will accomplish the objectives and get rave reviews. I will use ideas from the Speaking Academy in every speech in the future. I will have a sound, logical, and thorough process for planning each speech, regardless of the audience. This process will enable me to be more successful with every single speech. Imagine the value of having the confidence that every time I get up to speak, I am now fully capable of getting a standing ovation.

To learn more about Bob and Leadergrow, Inc., please visit


Speaking-Academy-public-speaking-communication-skillsSpeaking Academy Graduate Interview #2
Name: Christi Andringa
From:  Madison, Wisconsin

Q: What do you do and how do you use speaking in your profession?

A: As the President and Owner of Candringa! Productions, I speak to audiences all over the country on wellness topics such as the importance of physical movement, mental fitness, and personal growth. I am also a master fitness professional that teaches fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates and TurboKick.

Q: What were you hoping to get out of attending Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy?

A: My main goal was to improve my communication skills and learn how to deliver a strong and meaningful message that inspires audiences to take action. I was comfortable with the stories I wanted to share with my audience, but my weakness was the disorganization in the way I was delivering my message. Although I made my audiences feel good about themselves, I didn’t know how to provide a system to follow and commit to.

Q: Why did you choose Brian Tracy’s Speaking Academy over other public speaking courses that are available?

A: Throughout the years, I had read many of Brian Tracy’s books and was drawn to his message and more importantly, his technique. I did some research and I discovered he had an admirable history of delivering real results.

I’m a busy professional, mother and wife, so I wanted to be sure if I invested the time and money in an academy, that it would be worth every minute and dollar. Also, a personal friend and mentor of mine recommended that I look into this program.

Q: What were your favorite parts about the Speaking Academy?

A: There are a couple things that stand out. The education that Brian delivered during the workshop was beyond what I could have imagined! Not only did I learn from the specific topics he covered throughout the course, but I learned invaluable information from the sidebar conversations, such as his personal stories, experiences, and the information exchanged amongst the participants in my class.

Additionally, I thought the amount of live speaking time was outstanding. It wasn’t always easy, but it allowed me to move outside of my comfort zone and experience rapid growth as a speaker in a very short amount of time.

Q: What was the most useful technique, concept or practice that you learned in the workshop?

A: I learned that organizing my presentation is an important strategy to keeping audiences engaged, while also providing the audience a clear and defined takeaway to leave with. Brian taught me how to set up my introduction, develop a strong body with concise points, and close with a summary and call to action that is powerful and memorable. This has also helped immensely when writing my presentations. The topics have been much more organized using his methods and this is a huge time saver for me.

Q: How have you applied what you learned in the Speaking Academy to your life and career?

A: As my presentations have improved in both delivery and content because of my time spent with Brian, I now speak to bigger audiences and for more money. I’m able to write more concisely as well, which is invaluable as I’m in the process of working on my first book.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that I was also inspired by his character and integrity. His work ethic is unmatched and his feedback was meaningful, direct, and well-intended. We weren’t just names in attendance and it was obvious he sincerely cared about our success

To learn more about Christi and Candringa! Productions, please visit

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