How to Become a Motivational Speaker in 4 Steps

Did you know that anyone can learn how to become a motivational speaker?

Believe it or not, there was a time when I didn’t know how to speak to large crowds. In fact, I used to be nervous when I spoke to the smallest of groups!

But you wouldn’t know that today. You see, I’ve spoken in 69 countries around the world in the past 30+ years and I’ve spoken in virtually every country on every continent. I’ve also been translated by about 50 different professional interpreters into different languages.

At the very least I can say that I have a lot of experience in speaking around the world and I know what it takes to do so. Now I’m ready to pass the reins to you and teach you how to become a motivational speaker or a public speaker that can earn over $10,000 per event.

Let me tell you why I speak worldwide, and then I will teach you how to become a public speaker.

“I’m a businessman. As a businessman, I look to expand the range and offerings of my products and services.”

When I first started public speaking, I was focused in North America, of course. Then I began thinking, it would be a good idea to expand strategically into other countries. I made a bridge into Germany and that was the starting point of my international speaking career.

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After I began speaking in Germany, I began learning to speak German. People would tell me, “If you could speak German, we could develop a tremendous business around your speaking, your seminars, your video and audio programs, and books.”

I knew some basic rudimentary High School German, so I sat down and began taking courses and lessons in speaking the language. Today I can speak almost fluent German. I ended up doing 10 to 15 talks every year in Germany.

When you put your stake in the ground in one country and do a really good job, people will approach you and ask you if you could speak in their country as well.

My goal was to speak in 70 countries and in 2016 I spoke in my 70th country. As of 2017 I’ve spoken in 75 different countries and I’m still traveling.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker

For those of you who would like to break into professional public speaking, start by following these 4 rules.

1) Start Where You Are

Start when you are. We say fish where the fish are. If there are people in your area that are interested in hearing what you have to say, then start with them. I started in America and Canada and eventually branched out into Europe and the rest of the world.

2) Pick a Subject That You Want People to Know About

Pick something that you think is important to you. You must really care about the subject and speak from the heart. Think through the subjects that have had an inordinate impact on you. These are subjects that you would like to share with others because you really, intensely feel that others could benefit from your knowledge.

3) Offer Free Speeches or Small Workshops

Start offering speeches on your expertise to people within your circle. Offer them at no charge. There was a basic rule, many years ago that said,

“Before you can be paid to speak you have to have given 300 free talks.”

Some people say 100 talks and some people say they have given 500 talks, but keep offering free talks on a subject that you really care about and that you’re an expert at.

4) Get Paid to Speak

Once you’ve put enough public speaking tips and techniques to use during your free speeches, you’ll be ready to level up.

Eventually, someone will enjoy your speech so much, they will ask you, “How much would you charge to give that talk to the people in my company.”

That is the starting point of your career.

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Also, before you go:

What are you passionate about? Have you ever thought about public speaking? Leave a comment below.



How to Become a Motivational Speaker in 4 Steps
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