How to Do Right In Business & Life with Dina Dwyer-Owens

Did you know that 95% of companies that have a code of values don’t even use them?

Recently, I interviewed an absolutely remarkable person, Dina Dwyer-Owens, who is the co-chair of the Dwyer Group, which has more than 1700 franchises in eight countries.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • Why core values are the core foundation for business profits.
  • The fundamental key to success in business and life.
  • Ways leaders earn respect from their employees.
  • The key element to building trust and building your brand with trust.

…and much more!

Her book Values, Inc. invites a movement to live right and do right in business and in life for a world in need of direction. That direction shouldn’t just be framed and hung on a wall. Put those values into action, bring those values to life, take a stand and make a difference. The rewards are too great to ignore.

I highly recommend her book, and you can get it on Amazon HERE.


**Dina notified us that she learned recently that her companies no longer conduct annual franchisee surveys in regard to the code of values; they are done periodically.


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