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All great businesses start as small businesses and grow on the basis of 10 vital principles.  Fortunately, these principles have been discovered and are all learnable by any entrepreneur, business owner or executive.  Here they are:

Become a Great Leader

All business success begins with a great leader who has the vision and courage to imagine a new product, service or enterprise and then to pull together the people and resources to make it a reality.

Develop a Successful Business Plan

Successful businesses develop and work from written business plans.  They carefully analyze every detail in advance.  They do not rely on luck or chance.  They plan their work and work their plan.

Offer a Great Product or Service

The excellence, appropriateness and price of your product or service accounts for 90% of business success in the first place.  This is the key focus of businesses that thrive and grow in any market.

Surround Yourself with Great People

The best businesses have the best people at every level.  Your ability to attract, recruit, manage and motivate top people is the key to making your business successful.

Create a Great Marketing Plan

Learn how to differentiate your product and service from competitors, attract more qualified prospects, emphasize your “Unique Selling Proposition,” and grow your market faster than your competitors.

Business Success: Generate Great Numbers

Select the key numbers that best measure the success of every part of your business; number of sales, size of sales, frequency of sales, profitability of sales, costs of sales, growth of sales – focus continually on improving those numbers.

Staff You Company with Great Managers

The best companies have the best managers.  Learn how to interview, select, assign, manage and monitor the key people who make the day to day decisions that determine the success of your business.

Perfect a Great Sales Process

Learn how to consistently convert prospects into customers.  Select from and manage excellent sales people at every level who can convince skeptical prospects to buy your product or service rather than any other.

Create a Great Customer Experience:

Develop a customer service strategy that is so effective that people buy from you, buy again and tell their friends.  Differentiate yourself from your competitors by taking better care of your customers than anyone else.

Live a Great Life

Keep your life in balance by taking time for your family, fitness and personal activities.  Set clear goals for every part of your life and then work on these goals in addition to building a great business.


These are the most important 10 principles ever discovered for building a successful business.  One change in any area can lead to a transformation in the financial results of the enterprise.

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