Seize Your Career Opportunities: Get On the Fast-Track at Your Job

There are two types of people in the world of work today. There are those who have a great future and those who have little or no future. In today’s fast-paced world of work, it is important that you are always growing in your job.

What type of person are you?

Follow these tips to make sure you are on the fast-track to a great career.

Career Opportunities: Work Harder and Get Farther

Many people today think that if they do their job from 9 to 5, they are somehow fulfilling their responsibilities and assuring success in their careers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A person who only works from 9 to 5, who starts at the last possible moment, quits at the first possible moment and takes every available minute for coffee breaks and lunches simply has no future in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive employment world. The person who only works from 9 to 5 is on the verge of being laid off virtually every single day.

The person who has the best career opportunities in front of them is a person who is doing the things that all other fast trackers do. When you start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later, you start to give yourself a decisive advantage.

You Make Your Own Luck

Whenever anyone does anything out of the ordinary and succeeds as a result, the average people around him or her will accuse the person of being “lucky.” But there is no such thing as luck. You make your own luck. You make your own luck by doing the things that increase the probabilities that you will be the right person at the right time with the right resources to take advantage of the career opportunities that inevitably come up.

Important Tip: You are a Knowledge Worker

Here’s one of the most important things for you to understand in the world of work. You are a knowledge worker. You are not a physical worker. You do not work with your muscles but with your mind. It is your ability to think and to apply yourself to the world of work that determines everything that happens to you, and this is primarily a matter of the way you think about what you do.

Success as a knowledge worker requires intense result-orientation. It requires that you spend a good deal of time thinking about who you are, what the situation around you requires from you, and how you can best utilize your strengths, talents, skills and abilities to achieve the highest possible quality and quantity of results for your organization. Your ability to think well in this area will determine everything that happens to you in the world of work.


The biggest mistake, that you can ever make, is to ever think that you work for anyone else but yourself. From the time you take your first job until the time you retire you are always self-employed. You may have thought, up to now, that you work for other companies, but your jobs will come and go while you remain. An attitude of self-employment is not optional. It is mandatory.

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