Start At The End: How Companies Can Grow Bigger and Faster By Reversing Their Business Plan

My friend Dave Lavinsky, the founder of Growthink, has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners eliminate the pains from their companies and thrive. Dave’s expertise in business building has helped many business owners achieve their long term goals and achieve extraordinary success through precise goals and strategic planning. And Dave has recently published a new book called “Start At The End”. Highly recommended!

Here’s an excerpt from the book:
If you’re like most entrepreneurs and business owners, when you first started or purchased your company, you dreamt about the finish line; specifically about how your life would be radically better once your company became a huge success.

However, soon after you launched, many of you became trapped in daily, weekly, and monthly struggles and goals: generating more sales and profits, improving employee performance, and reducing your hours and stress. At some point, virtually all of you became 100 percent focused on these short-term goals and lost sight of your long-term vision. As a result, your chances of achieving your original dreams have significantly decreased.

“Start At The End” will help you turn that around…

I find it interesting that, although businesspeople often make correlations between sports and business, few businesses apply the “start at the end” principle engrained in sports. Let me explain.

What is the New York Giants’ goal?

The answer should be easy. This team’s goal each and every year is to win the Super Bowl. There’s no question about this. Every player shows up for preseason training with that goal in mind. Every practice drill is performed with that goal in mind. And every game is played to win, because a win will put the team one step closer to the Super Bowl.

So, what is your company’s end goal? Can you answer this question without missing a beat? Do you clearly know and understand what your organization has set out to achieve? And, equally as important: does every employee in your organization know what this goal is?

The answer, as for so many organizations, is probably no.

But don’t worry—this book will help you fix that. Asking this question is a true eye-opener. In the pages of this book, you’re going to uncover the answer, and when you do, your business’ revenues and profits will start to take off.

Why? Because you will uncover the precise steps you need to take to achieve your end goal. You will become more focused on what really matters, inspiring your employees, and everyone involved will start making decisions that help lead the company toward its goals.

In his new book,  Dave will help you determine precisely what you’d like your business to ultimately become. You will be forced to think about your last day in business: the day you sell your company, take it public, hand it over to your children, or a similar scenario. You will also identify many of specific details of that day. How many employees will be there to say goodbye? How many customers will you be serving? What will your annual revenues be?

Once you have this detailed vision of the end, you will work backward to create a plan to achieve that success. Along the way, Dave will give you many tips and strategies you can start implementing right away to improve your sales and profits. Realizing short-term goals are crucial to long-term success because they keep us focused and energized and compel us to move towards our ultimate goal…

Most entrepreneurs and business owners work hard for their businesses. They slave away for long hours. But, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Your business should work for you, not the opposite.

Dave Lavinsky’s book “Start At The End” will help you fix that. And for a limited time, you can grab a FREE copy of Dave’s book. This book sells for $15.61 plus shipping on Amazon, but you can get yours for free (just pay shipping). Click here to claim your FREE copy while supplies last!

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