How to Be Happy: 5 Steps to Living a Life You Love

So you want to learn how to be happy, but have no idea where to start. The good thing is, you can learn how to be truly happy and be more fulfilled in everything you do. You must first keep in mind that happiness in life is like a smorgasbord. If 100 people went to a smorgasbord and each put food on their plate in the quantity and mix that each felt would be most pleasing to him, every plate would be different. Even a husband and wife would go up to the smorgasbord and come back with plates that looked completely different…. Read more

August 2010 Health Update!

My Friends,

Thank you again for your cards, emails, kind wishes and prayers. They have all been deeply appreciated and seem to have been successful.

I was diagnosed with throat cancer that was “life-threatening” in March. I had a tumor the size of a large egg, but flat, against the back of my throat. I began chemotherapy on April 13 and by June 1, the tumor had disappeared…. Read more

Something For Nothing: Greed

What kind of a world is this if everyone is naturally lazy, greedy, selfish, ambitious, vain, ignorant and impatient? How can society survive if everyone is driven by the E-Factor to get more and more of what they want the fastest and easiest way possible with little or no concern for the consequences of their behavior?
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Take off the Gloves

There is good news and bad news in our economy today. First, the bad news: We are immersed in the worst economic situation of our lifetimes. As a nation, we have been on a spending binge for decades, spending money that we have not earned on things that we could not afford, and on terms that we could not pay for, to impress people that we don’t care about that much in any case. … Read more

When the Going Gets Tough

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”? So wrote Charles Dickens in the first sentence of his book “Bleak House” more than 100 years ago. From the boom times of the mid-70’s we are entering into one of the most challenging economic periods of all of our lives. Our economy and our businesses are experiencing financial reversals that have not been seen since 1937. And if the economists are correct, this situation will continue well into 2009 and maybe into 2010. But, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. As Napoleon Hill said, “Within every problem or setback lies the seed of an equal or greater opportunity or benefit.” Our job is to look into every problem… Read more

Riding Out the Storm

Our world is in financial turmoil today. The chickens have all come home to roost. Millions of smart people world-wide became convinced that they could make quick, easy money without contributing or adding value of any kind. Since it is ultimately impossible to get something out of nothing, the house of cards eventually had to come crashing down. In 1977, the Jimmy Carter administration passed the Community Reinvestment Act, designed to harass banks into making unsafe loans in poor neighborhoods populated by people who could not afford to buy a house. Eventually these loans became known in the industry as "Ninja Loans." This meant, "no job, no income, no assets, no money and no credit rating." When Clinton came into… Read more

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