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Article about the upcoming elections Dear Readers, Usually, I send out a message talking abut my current experiences. However this time, in response to numerous requests for my ideas on the upcoming election on November 4, I’ve decided to send to you someone else’s opinions. This summarizes the best economic thinking on the subject. Enjoy! >>> Wall Street Journal If the current polls hold, Barack Obama will win the White House on November 4 and Democrats will consolidate their Congressional majorities, probably with a filibuster-proof Senate or very close to it. Without the ability to filibuster, the Senate would become like the House, able to pass whatever the majority wants. Though we doubt most Americans realize it, this would be… Read more

What Are You Worth?

Invest in yourself to achieve the best. In the world of work, some people earn a little and some people earn a lot. What is the difference? This question has been studied for more than 100 years, and now we know the answers. People who earn a lot—the top 20% in any field—make a greater contribution and get better results than people who earn a little-the bottom 80%. Your work and earning life is very much like a marathon. All the runners assemble from different places at the starting line. The gun goes off! The runners begin to run, at different speeds. Some people sprint to take the lead quickly. Others go a little slower, preferring to run steadily over… Read more

Europe in September

This has been a great week! During the last week of August, I was flying, traveling and speaking all over the country, starting in Seattle for 16,000 people, moving on to speak for Precor for the entire day, and then on to Houston to speak for Guardian Home Care. From Houston/Galveston, I flew to Chicago and recorded a new program, “The New Psychology of Achievement” before flying on to Grand Rapids to do a seminar for 1,000 Sales Professionals to introduce the “Sales Master Academy”. When you enroll for the Sales Mastery Academy, you receive a $295.00 gift, a 16-CD Program on personal and professional success, plus unlimited access to more than 100 high powered selling programs, delivered online to… Read more

Drill Here, Drill Now, Lower Prices

The United States is one of the most blessed countries in all of human history. After World War II, it was the “last man standing.�? As a result, the United States enjoyed the greatest and longest period of sustained affluence and prosperity of any country in the world. An entire generation, now in politics, grew up believing that prosperity was inevitable and that each person was entitled to enjoy a wonderful life without hard work or sacrifice. Napoleon Hill once wrote, “Never attempt to violate natural laws and win.” What he meant was that there are certain laws in nature, like gravity, that you cannot violate for any time without paying the consequences. There is the story of the man… Read more

Thieves Like Us

At the time of the American Revolution, Abigail Adams, a very perceptive woman and the wife of our third president, John Adams, said, “All men would be tyrants, if they could.

It was an astute observation. There is within almost every person, the “urge to power.”… Read more

Fit and Trim for Life

For ten years, I was consistently overweight.

My clothes were too tight and then didn’t fit at all. This year, I developed a formula that I have used to get my weight under control for the first time in a decade. I have dropped from 196 lbs to 179 lbs. I feel terrific and get compliments from strangers about how trim I look. I now fit all of the suits and clothes that had been gathering dust in my closet.

The turning point for me was at Christmas, when I realized that I would have to change my lifestyle dramatically if I was ever going to get back to my ideal weight. Here is what I learned and practiced…. Read more

The Race Heats Up

The race for the presidency of the United States now boils down to John McCain versus Barack Obama. This may be the most important election in our history, at least for each of us who are Americans today and who will be affected by the outcome. In my book Something For Nothing, I wrote that the most powerful principle governing human behavior is the Expediency Factor. This E-Factor says that, “People strive to get the things they want the fastest and easiest way possible with little or no concern with the secondary consequences of their behaviors.” Alexis de Toqueville, in his book “Democracy in America,” wrote that, “America will be a great country until the people learn that they can… Read more

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