Learning from Experience

The Sufi philosopher, Izhrat Khan once said that, “Life is an endless series of problems, like the waves from the ocean. This is a good description of your life, as well. From the time you are young, throughout your life, you will have an endless string of problems, of all kinds. You will have personal problems, financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, business problems, career problems, and who knows what else. They never end. The only interruption to this endless series of problems will be the occasional crisis. If you’re living a normal life in our fast-moving society, you will probably have a crisis of some kind every two or three months. By its very definition, a crisis comes “unbidden.”… Read more

Your Most Valuable Asset

What is your most valuable asset? According to Dr. Theodore Leavitt, Dean of the Harvard Business School, the most valuable asset that a company has is its reputation. Dr. Leavitt defines reputation as “How you are known to your customers”. In marketing and business, we refer to this as your “positioning” or “brand.” Your reputation is determined by the way that your customers and prospective customers talk about your company in the marketplace. When we work with business owners and executives, we ask the question, “How would it be helpful or useful for people to talk about your company?” In other words, if you could be a fly on the wall and listen to one of your customers talk to… Read more

The Road Ahead

“Building an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.�? Last week, Barbara and I flew up to Vancouver to meet with Ib Muller and drive to the Whistler Ski Resort, two hours north of Vancouver. We skied for most of Saturday and Sunday, had dinner in a wonderful restaurant Saturday night, and stayed at the Fairmont Hotel at the Vancouver Airport Sunday night prior to our return flight on Monday morning to San Diego. On Tuesday, we boarded our flight to Atlanta for a four day meeting of the Heritage Foundation at the Four Seasons Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. The Heritage Foundation is the “800 pound Gorilla” of conservative think tanks in the world today. It started as… Read more

Sense and Nonsense

Why it was that some countries and some parts of countries were more successful economically than others. Many years ago, I began studying economics. I wanted to know why it was that some countries and some parts of countries were more successful economically than others. Before my study was finished, I had spent more than 4,000 hours and assembled a vast library of books on the subject of economics. I attended conferences on business economics and national economics, and eventually got an MBA degree in which I had to study both microeconomics and macroeconomics. I finally learned a little bit about the subject. The bottom line is simple: incentives! Khrushchev once said, “Call them what you want, it is incentives… Read more

Winter Skiing

“The greatest joys in life are happy memories, and the great business of life is to create as many of them as possible.�? My family and I took three days and went to Park City Utah to ski over the President’s Day weekend. David and Sarah drove up from Las Vegas, while Christina, Damon and little Julie (15 months) flew in from Los Angeles. Barbara, myself and Catherine (16 years old) flew up from San Diego. After a little coordination, we all got together and drove up to the two condominium units we had rented at the base of the ski slopes in Park City. We have not skied for two years so we had to remember and relearn the… Read more

Who Are You?

You have extraodinary potential You have extraordinary potential. You could not use all of your talents and abilities if you had 100 lifetimes. Whatever you have accomplished in your life so far is only a shadow of what is truly possible for you in the months and years ahead. One of the indispensible requirements for great success is for you to “know who you are.” On a regular basis, you must sit down and think about yourself and the qualities, characteristics, abilities and experiences that have brought you to where you are today. It is only in this way that you can move ahead with greater confidence and clarity. Here are 10 questions that you can ask yourself on a… Read more

The Right Stuff

“Why is it that some people are more successful than others?�? Throughout human history, the very best thinkers have asked the question, “Why is it that some people are more successful than others?” This is the underlying question of most history, philosophy, religion, metaphysics, psychology and success literature. Aristotle said that behind every desire we have is yet another desire, until you come to the basic desire of all people, “The wish to be happy.” Throughout your life, you constantly strive to move away from pain toward pleasure, and away from discomfort toward comfort. Consciously and unconsciously, you strive to be happy. In business and in sales, we define happiness as “fulfilling our full potential and achieving everything that is… Read more

Making Course Corrections

A year ago, when I heard about the book “The Secret,” I was skeptical. Having studied success and successful people for more than thirty years, I knew that there was no such thing as a single secret that could enable people to achieve all their goals.

When I finally relented and watched “The Secret” movie and then read the book, I found to my surprise that fully half of the material comes from the first session of my “Psychology of Achievement” audio program, produced in 1983 by Nightingale Conant Corporation…. Read more

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