Leadership Quality

“Vision.�? More than 3300 studies have been done over the years in an attempt to identify the qualities of leadership. What makes one man or woman rise to the top of an organization or empire while most others simply lead average lives? The most common quality found in all these studies was that of “Vision.” The difference between leaders and ordinary people is that leaders have an exciting vision for the future; average people do not. In our seminars, we teach the importance of “Future-orientation.” It seems that successful people throughout the ages have a clear idea of the kind of future that they wish to create for themselves and others. If they are starting a business on a kitchen… Read more

Be the Best

“The history of wars, throughout the ages is defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, and then ultimate victory.�? In the last two weeks, I have spoken to large audiences in Augusta and Macon, Georgia, as well as seminar audiences in Las Vegas and Anaheim. In between, I flew to Washington for two days of high level meetings addressing many of the subjects that are important today and will be important in the future of our country. It appears that the Iraq war is getting under control. Winston Churchill once wrote that, “The history of wars, throughout the ages is defeat, defeat, defeat, defeat, and then ultimate victory.” Some of the smartest, most skilled and most tenacious professional soldiers are prosecuting the war… Read more

2007 Year in Review

Brian Tracy reflects on 2007 and gives his outlook for 2008. This has been another great year for me, my family and my business. My family is healthy and well, my business is prosperous and growing, and my activities span the entire globe. During 2007, I have traveled and spoken all over the world, including Japan, China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, plus Russia, Poland and Turkey. In addition, I have spoken in Germany as well as all over Canada and in 50 different cities in the United States. This year, I wrote and published four new books, including The Way to Wealth – More Success Strategies of Successful Entrepreneurs, The Art of Closing the Sale, Flight… Read more

What Everybody Wants

“How to Start or Build a Successful Business.�? During 2007, I have had the great pleasure of speaking for the Get Motivated Seminars, organized by Peter and Tamera Lowe and Brian Forte in major sports facilities and auditoriums across the country. Peter Lowe has developed a business model of seminar promotion that makes him the top seminar promoter in the world. He regularly attracts ten thousand to twenty thousand people at each seminar, with speakers such as Steve Forbes, George Foreman, Colin Powel and numerous well-know sports and business celebrities. In October, they sold out two sports arenas in downtown Dallas, each holding almost twenty thousand people. As one of their speakers, I addressed one sports arena with 18,000 people… Read more

Back to the Balkans

Business seminar in Macedonia Some months ago, I received an invitation from a company called Triple S Learning in Skopje, Macedonia to conduct a business seminar on Management, Sales and Personal Effectiveness. Last Monday, I flew from San Diego to San Francisco, caught a ten-hour flight to Frankfurt, and then flew on to Vienna and Skopje in the South of what used to be called Yugoslavia, arriving at 4:30 in the afternoon. Macedonia has been one of the poor countries of Southern Europe for many years. Now, it is aggressively seeking foreign investment by introducing a 12% flat tax, plus a series of incentives for new business development that make it one of the most attractive places in Europe to… Read more

Back to Europe

My friends in Poland My friends in Poland have established the Brian Tracy Academy of Success, offering my audio, video and written programs on Sales, Management and Personal Success. On Monday, November 12, we had 550 Polish Business people and Entrepreneurs come out to my one day seminar on Leadership and Managerial Success. My translator Teddy, who stands on the stage next to me, did an excellent job of conveying both the content and the spirit of the message. My friends and associates, Marek, Kris, and Greg, along with Sebastian – the consummate salesman and promoter for our business, took terrific care of us. My partner from Vancouver, Canada, Mr. Ib Moller, accompanied me to Poland, stopping off in Copenhagen… Read more

Back to the Gulf

This has been a busy month so far. This has been a busy month so far. On Monday, November 5th, I spoke all day for 500 sales people and entrepreneurs in Chicago on the subjects of personal and sales success. On Tuesday, November 6th, I spoke for Larry Bailin and more than three hundred highly motivated entrepreneurs and sales people in Edison New Jersey for half a day. After New Jersey, I flew to Toronto and conducted two three-hour seminars for Jonathan Weaver and Peak Performers on Wednesday, November 7th. On Thursday, November 8th, I arose in Toronto, packed two bags, my large suitcase for everything I needed for the next eight days, plus my carryon suitcase with my essential… Read more

Speaking Power

All successful businesses and successful salespeople do certain things in common, over and over again. Last week, I was invited by Mark Victor Hanson to give a talk at his Mega Speaking Empire Conference in Los Angeles at the Westin by Los Angeles International Airport. More than 800 people had registered and turned out to learn how to speak professionally and promote themselves as speakers, trainers and consultants. The information presented was tremendous, as were the different speakers who explained the craft of speaking, and demonstrated what an excellent speaker looked like on the platform in front of an audience. As usual, my contribution was to give the “Meat and potatoes” of speaking to create what I call the “spine… Read more

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