Traveling In Eastern Europe

The world is changing at a rapid rate today Traveling In Eastern Europe The world is changing at a rapid rate today, and in no place is it changing faster than in the old communist countries of Eastern Europe. On April 22, I flew out of Los Angeles to Munich, and then onto Bucharest in Romania. Under the communist government, Romania was a repressed state with no freedoms and the people living in terror most of the time. When the Revolution came, the Dictator and his wife were tried on television, sentenced to death, and taken out in front of the courthouse and executed by a firing squad. Everyone cheered. The people of Romania are now busy, optimistic and building… Read more

Asian Travels

Tour of Japan, China, and Korea On March 2, I embarked on a 10-day tour of Japan, China and Korea, speaking two, three and four times in each of those countries respectively. My first trip to Asia was in 1968. At that time, Japan was rapidly recovering from World War II and throwing off its reputation for poor products by focusing on quality. China was a repressive, totalitarian, communist state, largely impoverished with starvation and even famine caused by Mao’s "Great Leap Forward." Korea in 1963 had a GNP per person of $100, and was a poor, cold, largely treeless backwater of Asia controlled by a military dictatorship with little economic activity or hope for the future. How things have changed!… Read more

Driving Through A Blizzard

There are many obstacles on the road to success, but your job is to use them as stepping-stones and to persist until you succeed. Twelve feet of snow fell in upstate New York in February. Throughout the winter, there were freak storms that dumped huge amounts of snow throughout the Midwest and down into Arkansas. Even the Florida orange crop was hit by freezing temperatures, causing massive financial losses. Two years ago, my wife and I attended a conference in Colorado Springs. We flew into Denver and rented a car for the 90-minute drive. The woman at the car rental office encouraged us to upgrade to a four-wheel drive because there was “snow in the mountain passes.” Somewhat reluctantly, we… Read more

Leaving Las Vegas

“I have just been to Hell and returned. It is a city in the Nevada desert called Las Vegas.�? Not long ago, a New York journalist wrote, “I have just been to Hell and returned. It is a city in the Nevada desert called Las Vegas.” Well, last week I was speaking to 300 people at one of the massive hotel/casinos on the Las Vegas Strip. The taxi pulls up a long sweeping driveway, after you have passed dozens of huge neon signs advertising shows, entertainment and gambling delights, and deposits you in front of huge glass doors. The registration is neatly situated about 150 feet away from the door so that you have a chance to stroll past a… Read more

True or False?

‘extreme hiking’ Last October, while I was training to climb Mt. Whitney (14,495 ft) I made a 10-hour hike up and down Mt. Gorgonio in the San Bernardino National Forest. This was my eighth full day of hiking to get my legs in shape for the 15-hour hike up Whitney, 22 miles there and back, starting at 5:00 am and getting back to the car at about 9:00 pm, in the dark. On this last training hike, something went wrong with my ankles. They became so sore and painful during the last two or three hours that, by the time I got back to the car, I was using my hiking poles as crutches and taking baby steps. For the… Read more

The Secret

You become what you think about most of the time. It was Aristotle who wrote, "Try not to be so much a man of wealth, but a man of character." It never fails to amaze me how good and honorable most people are. You read continually about crime and dishonesty, lying and stealing, but I think about 95% of people are genuinely good at heart. It is the bad apples who get all the press and notoriety. Someone wrote me an email last week about the movie "The Secret" and said that viewing it had changed his life. Wow! In my 1990 book "Maximum Achievement," Chapter One, I explained the seven basic mental laws, including the "Law of Attraction," in… Read more

Win Ribbons

It takes drive, discipline and determination for you to compete and win in our economy. Last week, I drove out to Indio, about 150 miles northeast of San Diego, to watch my daughter, Catherine, compete in a horse show. When Catherine was nine, she announced that she wanted to “ride horses.” We dutifully got her a couple of pony rides at a local barn. But that was not what she had in mind. She really wanted to learn to ride. Flash forward six years. Catherine is now 15, and an accomplished equestrian, on both “hunters” and “jumpers.” She owns three horses and competes in “A” shows with some of the best riders in the country, and wins walls full of… Read more

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