A Manager’s Guide to Interpreting Human Behavior

Your job as a manager is to get the very highest quality and quantity of human performance and output from the resources entrusted to you.  As much as 80% of the operating costs of your business are represented by the wages, salaries, benefits and bonuses paid out to your people.  Small, incremental increases in individual performance can have a substantial effect on your bottom line…. Read more

SMART Goals: 5 Tips for Motivating Employees

SMART goals are absolutely essential to motivating employees for people in management roles. Using them will help you create an environment where they can win, and feel like winners.

The 10/90 rule in smart goal setting says that the first 10% of the time that you spend developing absolute clarity about what is to be done will save you 90% of the time once you begin. It can also save you 90% of the mistakes, the costs, and the time of other people involved.

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