How To Write A Speech Outline

Do you have a speech coming up soon, but don’t know where to start when it comes to writing it? 

Don’t worry. 

The best way to start writing your speech is to first write an outline.

While to some, an outline may seem like an unnecessary extra step — after giving hundreds of speeches in my own career, I can assure you that first creating a speech outline is truly the best way to design a strong presentation that your audience will remember.Read more

Top 20 Ted Talks to Motivate and Inspire You to Take Action on Your Goals Today

Do you have a big goal that you want to achieve?

Maybe it’s a new idea. Or maybe it’s something you’ve been working toward for years.

Whatever the case, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck working toward success. And, you need someone to come alongside us to energize us, motivate us, and send us off to put in the work.

That’s when an inspirational talk can help, like a TED Talk.

TED Talks are widely known for providing valuable information and advice. But these talks are more than informative. They can also be highly inspirational, offering a much-needed dose of motivation to light a fire and send you in the direction of your goals.

Are you looking for the best inspirational TED Talks that will help you succeed?

Take a look at this list of the 20 best TED Talks out there.

But first, let’s discuss why inspirational speaking is so valuable and important.

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Get Others to Take Action: Why and How to Write a Persuasive Speech

Has someone ever persuaded you to do something?

Maybe a commercial on TV convinced you that you had to have this certain type of shampoo. Perhaps a guidance counselor talked you into pursuing a certain degree path in college.

Or maybe you heard a speech that persuaded you to shift your viewpoint on an important subject.

We all have had moments where we’ve been persuaded to do something. But what would it look like if you flipped the script?

Imagine yourself in front of an audience. They’re hanging on your every word as you speak confidently and passionately about a key topic.

And by the time your speech is over, the majority of the audience has been persuaded to adopt your point of view.

Persuasive speaking is powerful. It gives you a way to achieve greater personal power and faster success — but only if you know how to do it correctly.

If you’ve ever wondered how to write persuasive speeches that will actually make people come over to your point of view, this blog post will walk you through the steps needed to create and deliver a powerful persuasive speech.

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Speak Like a Professional: How To Stop Using Filler Words

So, like, umm, and yeah.

In conversation, most people use what are called filler words like these, also referred to as “crutch” words.

Excessive use of these words, however, can make whatever point we’re trying to get across sound less important or meaningful, and may even tune your listeners out.

While using filler words occasionally isn’t necessarily a big deal, too much use of them will hinder your ability to position yourself as a fluent speaker.

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How to Speak with Confidence & Captivate Your Audience

Do you ever look at someone – a public speaker, a politician, even a friend– and think “wow, they are confident?” 

Confidence is a trait we admire in others and grieve the absence of in ourselves. While some people are born with innate confidence and charisma, the rest of us are left wondering how they sound confident so naturally.

But, the great thing about confidence is that it’s a skill that we can all easily acquire.

As all the best public speakers and politicians and friends know, confidence is as much about appearance and image as it is about feeling confident within one’s self. So where better to start honing your confidence than in your own voice, one of the most important tools you have to give others a good impression of yourself?

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10 Tips to Try Now to Master Stage Presence

Having a good stage presence is the key to any great performance. From live music to keynote speeches, the most memorable performers command the stage with charisma, energy, and confidence. As someone who has been giving speeches and presentations for multiple decades, I have learned a thing or two about having a good stage presence in my journey.

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25 Powerpoint Presentation Ideas to Level-Up Your Next Talk

Ninety percent of the anxiety people feel before giving a presentation comes from not feeling prepared.  

Adding a PowerPoint presentation to your talk and spending the time to create and practice it can increase your confidence and help get your message across to your audience.

Well-designed PowerPoint presentations give life to your talk by adding a visual aspect that people can connect with. The printed word, photos, visuals, graphs, icons, and more reinforce what you are saying.

Both you and your audience want your PowerPoint presentation to be engaging, to the point, and effective. Here are 25 PowerPoint presentation tips to help you make your next presentation your best one.

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