How to Speak with Confidence & Captivate Your Audience

Do you ever look at someone – a public speaker, a politician, even a friend– and think “wow, they are confident?” 

Confidence is a trait we admire in others and grieve the absence of in ourselves. While some people are born with innate confidence and charisma, the rest of us are left wondering how they sound confident so naturally.

But, the great thing about confidence is that it’s a skill that we can all easily acquire.

As all the best public speakers and politicians and friends know, confidence is as much about appearance and image as it is about feeling confident within one’s self. So where better to start honing your confidence than in your own voice, one of the most important tools you have to give others a good impression of yourself?

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10 Tips to Try Now to Master Stage Presence

Having a good stage presence is the key to any great performance. From live music to keynote speeches, the most memorable performers command the stage with charisma, energy, and confidence. As someone who has been giving speeches and presentations for multiple decades, I have learned a thing or two about having a good stage presence in my journey.

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The Importance of Public Speaking & How to Do it Well

How does one form connections, encourage change, impact decisions, and inspire people? Through the power of public speaking and communication. Public speaking skills are useful in every area of life, from personal to professional. From being able to discuss your ideas with your friends, to addressing important information at a company-wide meeting, effective communication proves to be a crucial skill in our lives. Public speaking is a vital skill to have and hone. We utilize these skills when we speak to coworkers, bosses, employees, clients, and maybe even big audiences. Having the ability to deliver your message confidently and effectively can have an enormous impact on your career path and your success in your industry. The Importance of Public Speaking… Read more

How to Improve Your Presentation Skills: 12 Ways to Give a Speech Worthy of a Standing-Ovation

Whether you’re brand new to public speaking or a seasoned veteran, there’s always room to improve your presentation skills and comfort level in front of a crowd.

Solidifying your presenting skills can even help you in your everyday communications, personal and professional. They will help you learn to feel comfortable and confident speaking with anyone.

If you are new to public speaking and interested in learning more or are ready to take your presentation skills to the next level, I’m excited to share my top tips on how to sharpen your skills to become the best public speaker. I have personally used these techniques to improve my own presentation skills throughout my career as a public speaker.

Become a professional speaker
Try the 6-Figure Speaker

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6 Tips for Giving the Best Virtual Presentation

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to shut down in-person activities and connect primarily online, the desire to engage online-only continued to grow.

This opened up the door to so many new, incredible opportunities, including more chances to become a virtual presenter and public speaker.

Previously, a field where standing on a physical stage in front of an in-person audience was the norm, today, giving a virtual presentation is one of the most common and effective ways to speak to your audience.Read more

19 Public Speaking Tips From Brian Tracy’s Professional Speaker Career

Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in public speaking or are simply trying to prepare for a presentation to your team, your ability to deliver a message that others can connect with is an invaluable skill that is useful in any industry.

I have been public speaking for over 40 years, and I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips along the way about the art of public speaking.

Read on to discover 19 public speaking tips that will allow you to become a strong speaker who can captivate any audience.

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