Eliminate the Time Wasters in Selling

Major time wasters in selling is procrastination, delay, and lack of product knowledge. This occurs when you find every conceivable reason to put off getting there with people who can and will buy from you. Everyone procrastinates. There is always too much to do and too little time. The difference between successes and failures is determined by people’s choices about what they put off. Losers put off the important things that could make a difference in their lives. Winners put off low-value tasks and activities…. Read more

Great Sales People Influence A Customers Buying Power

To achieve anything big or worthwhile you need the support of lots of people.  Most successful business, sales people and entrepreneurs in our society are those who have learned how to sell people on not only their ideas, but the ideas of others to increase their buying power.  Your ability to get the support of the key people in your business and personal world will have as much to say about your ultimate success as anything else…. Read more

Sales Process: How to Handle Objections and Use Closing Techniques

The modern sales process is fascinating. Once you figure out the right techniques for each step, you will begin to close more sales and you’ll have a better time working with your prospects.

These days, customers have so many resources for shopping research that they tend to draw out the sales process. During a sales conversation, the well-researched customers may have more objections when presented with solutions by salespeople. Some salespeople dislike the evolution of this process, however, because they don’t know how to use objections to their advantage.

Here’s the deal:

The fact is that objections are good. Objections indicate interest. And successful sales have twice as many objections as unsuccessful sales.
Read more

How a Top Sales Person Qualifies a Prospect

In the process of selling, there are several steps that the sales person must take before he or she closes. The first step, of course, is qualifying through effective communication. You cannot sell a product until you have thoroughly qualified the prospect. Every one of us has been in a situation where we have walked into a store or onto a used car lot, and somebody comes up and says, “Why don’t you take it?” Or “Are you going to buy it today?” They try to close you without ever asking you what it is you want or what you need. They forget to qualify…. Read more

Key Skills of an Effective Sales Manager

Being a sales manager is a team activity requiring that you get results through others.

The main problem with sales management is that most sales managers are not trained or skilled in sales management. Most are promoted because they did a good job in sales.

But sales is an individual activity requiring individual motivation, key skills and achievement. These are totally different requirements…. Read more

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