Writer’s Block: How To Defeat An Author’s Worst Enemy

Whether you are a new or seasoned writer, odds are you have come to a point in your writing journey where the magic seems to just run out and you get writer’s block.

For example, have you ever faced a creative block that’s preventing you from seeing the development of a story, or even being able to start writing? Or did your ideas seem to have disappeared or have any new ones rendered creatively useless?

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How to Write a Book: The Ultimate Guide

We all have a great book idea burning inside of us.

In fact, most of us dream about learning how to write a book.

We imagine how writing a bestseller will change our lives. How it will advance our careers. How it will make us an authority on a topic we enjoy.

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How to Become a Freelance Writer & Take Control of Your Own Career

Are you looking for a new career — one where you’re in control of your work and your schedule? If you enjoy writing, then becoming a freelance writer might be the perfect job for you.

Freelance writers are self-employed, working with individual clients on what is typically a short-term basis. Instead of earning a yearly salary, freelancers get paid by the hour or by the project. 

There are numerous benefits to starting a freelance writing career. For one, you can enjoy the independence and flexibility of setting your own schedule and choosing your work. You can also work from anywhere in the world and make as much money as you’d like.

But, this career isn’t for everybody — it takes a lot of work to market yourself as a freelance writer. You’ll need to hustle 24/7, staying in an entrepreneurial mindset to find the clients you need. But for anyone who is a skilled writer and a hard worker, freelance writing can be an excellent way to take control of your own career.

Here’s everything you need to know on how to become a freelance writer. 

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How to Create a Table of Contents for Your Book

You’ve researched your book and become an expert in your field. You’ve done the hard work of slogging through your first draft, getting words on the page. And you’ve finished editing the manuscript and adding those final touches.

But as you glance back through your book, you suddenly realize you forgot one extra-important step: the table of contents! 

It’s important to add a table of contents to your book. This page gets your readers excited about what’s coming up and helps them stay organized as they jump in.

However, you might be wondering how to create a table of contents. What information should you include? How should you structure it? What heading styles should you use? And how does this step work if you’re writing an ebook?

Read on for everything you need to know about how to create a table of contents for your book.

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How to Write an Author Bio

You’ve written a book that’s about to be published or an article that’s going live online. Congratulations! But although this is a big accomplishment, your job isn’t done: You also need to write a short author biography — otherwise known as an author bio– so your readers can get to know you.

An author bio shares information about your education and experience. This proves your credibility, showing that you know what you’re talking about. It also allows your readers to connect with you as a person.

Crafting your own bio can sometimes be a difficult task. These author biographies need to be short, yet engaging, so it can be hard to know what to include. After all, your bio may be one of the first things potential readers see when they pick up and open your book.

This blog post breaks down how to write an author bio and what to say in your short bio to connect best with your readers.

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How to Become or Find a Ghostwriter for Books

Have you ever read an autobiography written by a celebrity or public figure?

The book probably talked about the person’s childhood and explained what their life was like growing up. You might have laughed at anecdotes from the person’s early career, or gotten chills as you saw a peek behind the scenes at the celebrity’s most well-known moments.

When you close the book at the end, a good autobiography will make you walk away feeling like you personally know the subject.

But what would you think if you knew that the “author” didn’t write the book at all and the author’s bio was not 100% honest?

That’s what ghostwriting is. And it’s far more common than you might think. Whether you’re looking for someone to ghostwrite a book for you, or you want to ghostwrite a book for somebody else, this blog post has all the information you need to know. Read on to learn how to get started with a ghostwriter.

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How to Publish a Book: Your Go-To Guide to Becoming an Author

Publishing a book is easier than you may think. These days, you have a variety of options available to you on ways to get your book published.

With my experience as a published author of over 80 books, I have created this guide on how to write and publish a book so you too can have the tools you need to become a published author.

I will explain how to publish a book using self-publishing and traditional publishing methods.

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