The Principle of Intelligence: Questions 1-3 of 7

In regards to my post from yesterday, I have posted 1-3 of the 7 questions you must being asking yourself about your competitors in order to gain the competitive advantage.

Questions 1-3

1.  What are their major products and services? Who do they sell to? Why do those customers buy from our competitors rather than from us?

2.   What is our competitor’s reputation? What do people say about our competitor that causes them to appeal to our potential customers as a more desirable supplier of our product or service?

3.   What is the perceived quality of their product or service? On a scale of 1 to 10, what is their quality ranking in the marketplace in comparison to us? Customers always buy what they perceive to be the very best quality possible for the amount they are prepared to spend. How do we compare with our competitors in this area?

Please answer the questions above, as they are crucial to the success of you and your business.

Feel free to leave your answers as a comment below.

Share this post if you find it useful. Questions 4-7 to come! Thanks!

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  • Hi Brian,
    I love your works and have been devouring it both in books and audio-books.

    Please pardon my ignorance as I have a simple question:
    Is a retailer selling the same products at the same price considered to be competing on service? How does the prospect know about the services of retailer A opposed to retailer B when service (usually) comes after the sale?


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