Creating Your Own Security

Throughout most of human history, we have been accustomed to evolution, or the gradual changing and progressing of events in a straight line.

Sometimes the process of change was faster and sometimes it was slower, but it almost always seemed to be progressive. From one step to the other, you’ve opened up some opportunities for planning, predicting and changing.

Today, however, the rate of change is not only faster than ever before, but it is discontinuous. It is taking place in a variety of unconnected areas and affecting each of us in a variety of unexpected ways.

So, in a word of constant change, how do you create your own security and sense of life comfort?

While it may seem quite difficult with changes in information processing technologies, medicine, transportation, education, technology, politics, family structures and relationship expectations, and global competition, it’s possible.

The truth is, you can’t do very much about the enormity of these changes, but the one thing that you can do is to think seriously about yourself and your basic need for security and stability.

In no area is this more important than in the areas of job security and financial security. You must give special attention to your ability to make a good living and provide for yourself in the months and years ahead.  And if your job is not providing this security, it may be time for a career change.

You must give special attention to your ability to make a good living and provide for yourself in the months and years ahead.

Above all, to position yourself for tomorrow, you must think continuously and seriously about your work today, your earning ability, and the work that you will be doing one, three, and five years from today.  You must plan to achieve your own financial security, no matter what happens.

Charles Kettering said that you should give a lot of thought to the future because that is where you are going to spend the rest of your life.  One of the greatest mistakes that people can make, and the one with the worst long-term consequences, is to think only about the present and give very little thought to what might happen in the months and years ahead.

Start positioning yourself for tomorrow and creating your own security with a Personal Development Plan.


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