7 Tips for Finding a New Job

As you may know, a lot of people are out of work today. And if you’re not out of work, you probably will be sooner or later. Finding a new job is no walk in the park, but can be made simpler with the right tools and mindset.

Your ability to get the right job, at the right wage, doing the right thing with the right people in the right company, is one of the most important skills you develop as a life skill.

I have shared my tips for finding a new job for thousands of job seekers and job changers. These great ideas will revolutionize your life and business future.

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Tips for Finding a New Job

If you want to earn what you are really worth, you have to be in the right job in the first place. Most people should be earning much more than they are today.

This is a challenging time in human history to be out in the job market and working to survive and thrive.

In spite of problems in the economy, there are countless opportunities and possibilities for talented people like you to find or create great jobs and earn more than they ever have before. If you want to be one of them follow these tips.

1. Do your homework

When you are looking for the job you want, you engage in the same activities a sales professional would.

Three activities essential to sales success are prospecting, presenting, and following up.

Your job when looking for a job is to prospect thoroughly and develop the greatest number of leads or potential jobs that you possibly can.

One of the most important keys to success in selling today is what is called pre-call research. Do your homework and find out everything that you possibly can about the individual, the organization, and the industry before you reach out to anyone for the first time.

2. Conduct an Internet Job Search

Finding a job on the internet is a skill you will learn through practice. Start by visiting the most popular sites, like Linkedin and Indeed, where job postings are most commonly advertised.

Search various versions of job titles you are interested in. Job titles for the same type of position, vary from company to company, so you will want to do your research and apply to the appropriate title.

3. Gather Information from Multiple Job Sites

Some internet job sites specialize in one kind of employment. It is also important to pay attention if the site is local or national.

If you are looking to buy a house, you don’t buy the first one you see without looking at other properties. Finding a job is very similar. Do industry research on average salaries and take not of the various job responsibilities that may be asked of you at different companies.

Remember the same job title at two different companies could yield different responsibilities. The more information you preliminarily gather will only benefit you in the long run.


4. Attend Job Career Fairs

Job fairs are held yearly or even more frequently in some areas, which allow you to meet hiring professionals in person. These will likely be advertised in the newspaper, online, or even the radio.

When visiting job fairs, talk to the various employers exhibiting there and find out what they’re looking for today and what they will be looking for in the future.

Even if you’re currently employed, keep sowing seeds everywhere you go so that you can create a rich harvest at employment opportunities in the future. Spending time visiting these now, will be pay off in the future.

5. Look for Active Growing Companies

Keep an eye out for companies in your community that is announcing expansion or increased profitability, like opening a new branch or office, or their profits last year went up dramatically.

These companies are always looking for more good people. Every business owner knows the key to growth is to hire good people. The more good people you can hire, the faster you can grow and the more profits you can make.

Growing companies offer lots of opportunities and will pay well for the right skills, especially if you’re the one who has them.

6. Find New Product Releases

Whenever a company is expanding its products or services there will be job opportunities to sell, distribute, service, and install the product. Additionally, there will be jobs handling administration and details associated with the product.

My suggestion is to create a “watch list” of popular companies in your area or companies you are personally a fan of their products. If you frequently check these companies LinkedIn, career pages, and set up job alerts on third party sites, you will likely find out about the positions before others on the market.

Then, when it comes time for hiring, you will be one step ahead of the competition.

7. Sell Yourself Professionally

The job interview is like a sales call. You are essentially in sales when you are looking for a job. When interviewing, you are going out to sell yourself to someone else and you’re going to charge a lot of money for your product.

The type of job you get and the salary you command will be a measure of how well you have sold yourself at this critical point in your career change.

Many people do not like the idea of selling and do not see themselves as salespeople. Unfortunately, this is the type of attitude that leads to underachievement in life. It leads to being passive rather than active, and feeling inferior rather than feeling powerful.

The fact is that everyone who wants to sell his or her ideas or services to others is a salesperson. The only question is whether or not you’re any good at it.

Create a Plan for Finding a Job

Finding a job can be stressful and overwhelming, but my hope is these tips help you take on the job market with the knowledge and confidence necessary to secure your dream job.

If you need help creating a plan to get you there, my Personal Development Plan Template will help you learn how to think ahead and evaluate your goals effectively. With this template, you will more easily be able to identify areas of opportunity and improve your successes.


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