Improve Your Personal Finances: How to Achieve Financial Independence and Become Rich by Changing Your Thinking

The starting point of financial independence is the development of what Napoleon Hill called a prosperity consciousness. You must become a financial success in your thinking long before you can become rich in your reality. The most important single step you take on the road to wealth, personal finances and financial independence is the decision to change your thinking and to impress into your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your financial goals. Both poverty and riches are the result of a state of mind, and this change in thinking must happen before anything else happens.

When I was growing up, I was fascinated by stories of successful men and women and how they made and lost their fortunes, and then made them over again. I read about the importance of a prosperity consciousness several times. But I never fully understood what it meant until a few years ago. Then suddenly it hit me and I’ve never been quite the same since.

Every aspect of my personal finances improved dramatically, especially in the area of accumulating wealth and achieving financial independence when I finally understood what was meant by the words prosperity consciousness.

Improving Your Personal Finances by Changing Your Thinking


In order to gain financial independence and get rich, you must learn the secrets of health, happiness and great personal wealth. Once you understand these key principles, everything your mind can conceive and believe will become possible for you. There will be no limitations except the ones you accept in your own mind.

When you begin to think about yourself as capable of achieving financial independence your whole attitude toward yourself and your possibilities of improving your personal finances will change for the better.

Expect the Best to Achieve Financial Independence


The law of expectations says that whatever you expect with confidence, positive or negative, becomes your reality. If you confidently expect to succeed, and hold to that belief, and act as if your success was inevitable, you will eventually achieve that success.

Successful people who become rich expect to succeed, in advance. They expect to be popular and liked by others, in advance. The wonderful truth about your expectations is that they are completely under your control. You decide for yourself if you want to become rich and how you are going to get there.

Become Rich by Being a Living Magnet


One of the most powerful principles in the universe is the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that you are a living magnet. This law says that your thoughts create a force field of energy that radiates out from you and attracts back into your life people and circumstances in harmony with those thoughts. Every thought you have is emotionalized in one way or another, positive or negative. Like iron filings to a magnet, whether it is a thought of desire or a thought of fear, you attract people, circumstances and events into your life that are in harmony with those thoughts.

This is perhaps the most important of all mental laws in explaining success and failure, good luck and bad luck. It says if you have a very clear picture in your mind of your desired goal, and you can hold that idea in your mind on a continuing basis, you will inevitably draw into your life the resources that you need in order to achieve it.

Every person who has achieved financial independence and has learned to become rich has become wealthy and successful as a result of holding the idea of wealth and success in his mind long enough and hard enough, until he drew into his life the resources he needed to accomplish it. Your main job is to keep your mind fixed on improving your personal finances and achieving financial independence.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to improve your personal finances, gain financial independence, and become rich by changing your thinking. Please share your comments and insights below!

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