Money as a Motivator of Behavior in the Business World

It has been said that, “Money may not be the most important thing, but it’s way up there with oxygen.” The fastest and easiest way to get the things you want as quickly as possible is almost always to have enough money to be able to buy them, whatever they cost. For this reason, the desire to acquire money, quickly and easily, and as much as possible, is a major motivator of human behavior. But it is not usually money that people really want.

Acquiring the Good Life

Sometimes I will ask my clients why they want to acquire a lot of money. After thinking about their answer for a couple of minutes, they finally conclude that what they want more than anything else is “freedom.” In reality, they see their financial goals as a means to achieving the freedom they really desire.


They define freedom as having enough money so they can get everything they want. Having enough money will enable them to be completely free from worry about safety, security, leisure, love, respect and fulfillment. They see having lots of money as the fastest way to a good life, it’s natural human behavior.

The Lust for Power in the Business World

The desire for power is one of the most destructive forces in the world today, and always has been. If the fastest and easiest way to get all the things you want is to have all the money you need, it then follows that the fastest and easiest way to get the money you need is to acquire power over people and resources, both in business and at the political level. Power can be defined as “the ability to control or influence money, people and resources.” It is the ability to force people to do what you want them to do, whether or not it is consistent with their own personal desires.

Financial Goals and Power Together

Money starts out as the motivation for an expedient person to fulfill his needs, for himself and his family. It can soon become an end in itself. Once a person has enough money so that he no longer worries about money, it becomes a form of measurement, a scorecard that he uses to compare himself against others. Megalomaniacs and dictators often become obsessed with power, to the exclusion of all other considerations. By the same token, many men in the business world become preoccupied with money, to the exclusion of other things, especially their families.

How Power is Acquired

There are different ways that power is acquired in our society. In the business world, power is acquired by getting results, by making decisions that lead to incremental gain in revenues and profits. The most powerful people in the business world are those with the best reputation for achieving financial goals in their areas of responsibility.

Human Behavior and Money

Sometimes the relative rank order of importance of a person is obvious. He or she might be better dressed, or wear more jewelry. In the financial world, hierarchy becomes clear in the way people speak or in the way that they are treated by others. It is important to carry yourself appropriately in order to be taken seriously in the finance world.

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